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Vudu Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Another Disappointment from Rocky"
As a young boy I was taught that if you can't say anything nice to say nothing at all. "Nothing at all"
william in los angeles January 16, 2012
"Mas o menos"
Got 3 of these in a sampler about a month ago. Hoping that the other two age a bit better. Taste was HORRIBLE at the first few puffs, but quickly moved into a creamy smoke, pretty good tasting. Draw was pretty tight as others mentioned, but that doesn't bother me much. Ash was very loose. The last 1/3 got to be pretty bad tasting (even after purging a few times) so I had to dump it. Hoping for better from the next 2.
Jimmy in Milwaukee, WI October 15, 2011
"Jury is still out"
I got these as part of a APC sampler pack. I was really looking for a decent lower price smoke and was hoping this would be it. The look and construction were good it smelled good and the price was right. But the burn was horrible. I had to correct it several times and just when the spicy flavor hit at the end I had to toss it because it was so uneven. I'm not sure the good outweighs the bad on this. Will still do some looking for an everyday smoke and leave the other one in the humidor for a few months and see if its any better.
John in Iowa October 7, 2011
"I wish it was better"
The box and the design are what drew me in. The box is honestly pretty damn sweet. I got a few of these in a sampler and the taste and smell was nice. The wrapper was nice and tight and then I noticed that upon lighting and starting to TRY to smoke it, it was almost impossible. Whomever is making these needs to start over and refund everyone their money and replace these with redone cigars. They are simply rolled far too tight. If it wasn't for that I would definitely be buying these again. If you have them I suggested squishing them a bit before lighting. They can handle being squished and squeezed. It helps the draw. They also burn far too fast. Again I blame this on the tight roll. I say pass this one up for now and come back if you hear anything about the construction being improved
Ian in Columbus October 3, 2011
"Not Good"
Wow! You guys should be embarrassed. Burn, Draw, Construction do not matter when the Taste is this digusting. Shockingly bad. The taste rhymes with the title. I have 2 more and would be ashamed to give them away to my worst enemy.
TexLovera in Texas September 20, 2011
"A Maduro for the "just beginning cigar newbie""
I was brought up to not fear the dark. In my case, as a "newbie" since mid summer last year, the dark wrapper Maduro's. I'm not quite ready for the taste of Maduro's having tried and failed in my search. Just too strong for my taste right now. However, these were surprisingly good. Not bad. Not overly strong. A nice aroma. I was at the Downers Grove Golf Club, in the Chicagoland area, recently and was told twice, "...what a great smelling cigar." ha For a beginner, exploring his way around, I would recommend these Maduro's as a starter. On a scale of 1-10, I would give them a 9-10 for the beginner. - Mike Yates in the Chicagoland area
Mike Y in Chicagoland September 9, 2011
"Tastes fine, smokes very quickly"
I thought the taste was great, peppery with a smooth finish. The appearance is good, and overall consistency was good. The problem was that it burned very fast. I take my nightly "cigar walk" with the dog and usually I can go a good 3 miles on one cigar. This one was toast in just a mile and a half. Also, the ash was pretty anemic, and fell off rather quickly. I will admit that I opened it up right out of the UPS box and smoked it, so maybe some time in the humidor will help the quick burn issue. Overall not a bad smoke for the price, hopefully the humidor will moisten them up for a longer smoke.
Nat in Oregon September 9, 2011
Appearence, draw and burn were good. As far as consistency goes, it tasted consitently sour. I've never had anything like it, and hope not to again.
Robert in Maryland August 17, 2011
"Very Good"
I have been eyeballing these for a while now and bought a 5 pack. The smell before lighting it was incredible, deep rich tobacco. It was constructed perfectly with a flawless, beautiful wrapper. The draw was perfect, maybe a little on the tight side. The smoke was delicious, a real treat. Full bodied but never harsh or overpowering. It was complex, flavorful, and overall a great smoke. This will be a new "regular" in my humidor.
Joe A in Middlebury, CT May 23, 2011
"Well Made, Full Flavor"
These Vudus are a tad stronger than I usually like, but they are so consistantly well constructed I always keep some on-hand for when I don't have time to mess around with cigar that doesn't burn or draw well - like when I'm out working in the yard or fishing. They always hold up to rough handling, and if it's windy the stronger flavor becomes a bonus.
Darryl in Seattle May 17, 2011
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