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"Wow, I never expected such dark magic"
WOW, after a journey from Pennsylvania, to Portland, then over the pacific ocean this cigar came in very tired, and needed a 3 month break in the humidor. It did it a world of good, I hunt for cigars like this, chocolaty tones, with a sound earthiness to them. whats more I could smoke it right to the numb and it didn t burn my lips. I am going hunting for more of these, cigars like this are elusive, and hard to find in the modern world, where cheaper cigars, can often beat the super premiums, I will be ordering more, and allowing then some resting time in my humidor, great cigar.
Douglas in New Zealand November 20, 2014
This cigar is not for the faint of heart. Very full-bodied, complex smoke. Notes of coffee and cocoa, with prominent spice throughout. Towards the nub, it became almost entirely spice, and the strength was kicked up a few notches. Overall a very enjoyable smoke. Had some burn issues which required evening out multiple times, but this did not detract too much from the cigar.
Foxycigar in CT August 20, 2014
"Nice Cigar"
This is an interesting cigar. I did not care for the first one I smoked. But after a month or so in my Humidor they are some very nice cigars. I noticed a previous review that suggested aging and I would agree. The flavor is very earthy and woody. I get some great herbal notes as well as some cedar and oak. This is a cigar for someone who likes strong flavors. I gave 1 to my brother in law. Who loves Ligas and loved this cigar and asked me to order him some when I made my most recent order.
Dell in Virginia June 12, 2014
"Bitter, tasteless..."
See a lot of recent reviews here praising this cigar. Don t know how that happened because what I smoked was pure junk. Good burn, good draw, looks good, but a horrible, bitter taste. May be earthy to some, but not the kind of earth I want to smell or taste.
Lars K in Los Angeles May 3, 2014
"Good Things To Those Who Wait"
This is one of those cigars that vastly improves with prolonged humi time; my initial samples would have warranted a mid-80s score; but with 6 months or more of proper aging, these have turned into 90+ sticks.
David in NW IN November 3, 2013
"Very Nice"
The ONLY negative is that the label is HARD to remove without tearing the wrapper. The 5 I got burned nice, draw was excellent and taste was excellent.
Jon in Kentucky July 31, 2013
"If you like earthy cigars..."
Construction seemed nice and sturdy however the label was tough to get off. Couldn't get it to stay lit until after the first inch was going, then it was fine as long as you took a puff per minute. Draw was okay, moderate amount of smoke. Taste is somewhat spicy, but very "earthy" if that makes sense. I didn't taste any berry notes or sweetness of any kind, so this cigar wasn't for me.
BMW in PA July 21, 2013
"Great this time."
Got 2 in a sampler. First one was strong and not too enjoyable. After 5 months in my humidor with cello on, this one was great. Smooth lots of creamy smoke and no bite. I will order more robustos.
Jim Thompson in Goose Cr, S Carolina June 11, 2013
Great cigar. So many positives. Great taste, great burn, great appearance. Wrapper is a little fragile when I took the band off. Aroma isn't that nice but that's understandable being full bodied. Recommend for sure.
Josh in Alabama April 19, 2013
"Not Too Bad"
Picked these up not knowing what to expect, but for the price it is hard to beat. Has been a good after work smoke and aside from 1 or 2 small burn issues I have no complaints about the overall performance of the cigar, I will be buying more.
Ronald in central va March 27, 2013
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