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"Not My First, Surprise!!"
I don't want to rave, however I must give my 6/60 VUDU praise. Will now be one of my favorites. This one can not be beat: Flavor/Price...A solid Medium with enough flavor,and clouds of smoke. This Cigar will make you late for appointments, if you don't manage your time properly. One of those "Don't want to put down" Enjoyable beginning to regretful end.
Satiety in Long Island, NY September 24, 2014
"Vudu is a great value for the money"
Great all around spicy and sweet flavor with terrific body. Can't believe it only costs three bucks a stick.
Jerry in Paso Robles, CA July 23, 2013
"Great taste, not thrilled with the draw"
these have great flavor, though I'd suggest letting them rest for a few weeks. But 3 out of the 5 I've smoked so far have been really tight and have had a pretty poor draw.
Ted in Ohio April 2, 2013
"Hendrix said it all"
That tune Vudoo Child came to mind when I lit up my first Voodoo cigar. I'll keep it simple and say I like em a lot. the toros are my Fav. size, They are pretty close to the Olor Fuerte line Not as full tho, these I keep as my everyday smoke or to offer a guest/company
Buffalo Spirit in Oneida Nation ( Rez ) February 21, 2012
When I lit my first one, I almost immediately put it out. I'm glad I didn't. Thbe first draw takes you by surpise with its powerful spice. Once you're an inch in, you'll fall under the Vudu's spell. I liked it so much, I bought a box. I never buy more than a sampler. Buy it. Try it. Love it.
Michael in New Orleans, LA February 4, 2012
If you like your coffee strong and your beer dark, you will love these cigars. They start strong, are rich and flavorfull, and finish smooth, strong, and tasty. One of my favorites.
Ramsey M. in Upstate NY October 21, 2011
"Love this Vudo"
I got the 12 pack sampler that had these in it. This one was the worst rated of the 4 types in the pack. I got to say I love this stick. I find its a nice even burn and full of flavor. I could easily purchase a box to keep in one of my few humidors
Brian in Massachusetts October 20, 2011
"Stout but good"
This cigar starts out with a kick in the mouth but then turns into a rich, creamy, full flavored taste. This one is not for for the faint of heart. Over all it is a very good cigar for the money. Will buy again.
Ben in GA October 17, 2011
nothing like advertised avoid this one
in September 25, 2011
"no to good"
never again
in February 4, 2011
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