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Warlock Reviews

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Warlock Churchill
"Pretty, but lousy. Pretty lousy."
Beautiful stick, smelled nice... Sponge-like pinch, terrible draw with little smoke or flavor. Was the first one I tried, and will give another a chance, otherwise I would not even give these away to anyone who is an avid cigar lover.
Thor Selden in Sussex County, NJ May 18, 2014
Warlock Churchill
"Very woody"
Very woody with no notes or nuances of any other taste. Overall, well constructed but redundant taste nullifies this as a great cigar
Tom in Penfield April 17, 2014
Warlock Churchill
"Great Great flavor!"
Added this smoke to the cart because it just stood out to me, have to say great woody flavor, couldn't ask for a better draw, burn or finish. buy it to try it now.
Tyler in North Carolina January 14, 2013
Warlock Belicoso
"Aside from the burn, excellent"
Appearance top-notch. Full-bodied, intriguing blend of tobaccos. Aroma excellent, akin to some of the, classic, and...different. Content-wise, this one is right up there with the best. EXCEPT for the burn. Tough to keep lit, but then so are many of the exalted Cuban cigars. The superb Ecuadorean Cubano wrapper may not have been treated the way it should, to enable the kind of burn most Dominicans & Nicarguans have. Which is a shame. Tweak the construction, and you would have something really, really memorable. My belicoso may have had issues, but Warlock is definitely worth pursuing.
Tyler in North Carolina January 14, 2013 December 2, 2012
Warlock Belicoso
"put your money towards a good cigar"
This cigar looks and smells pretty tasty. Thays where it ends though. The cigar tasted a little like gasoline...I assume cheap tobacco is what it was. The smoke was just crap. Save your money and buy something better.
alex in Minnesota Maple Grove August 30, 2012
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