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"Great little device"
I buy these 10-12 at a time. I use them in my small acrylic humidor, zip lock bags, and Travel humidors. Between uses I toss them in my bigger humidors or keep them together in a zip lock type bag. They regulate humidity pretty well. They are reusable and cheaper than Bovedas. Don't get me wrong, Bovedas are awesome. But these cost a lot less. The only problem I've ever had is a couple were putting out about 80% humidity. But I just recharged these with pg solution. I love these things.
Phil in Gainesville, GA October 7, 2013
These are great! They work as described. Simple and cheap, you can't go wrong!
Cody in WI October 1, 2011
"These Work Amazingly Well!"
I've used these most often in the regular plastic bags you get when you buy single cigars, and they not only work well, each pillow can be reused several times. I've even used them in my humidor, although not to replace better methods for premium smokes. Well worth the $.
HS in Philly January 14, 2010
"Great - Better than the Rest"
Have tried various devices for my second string cigars, from Drymistat, ceramic blocks, and just about anything less than $10. These were finally effective and reliable. I put them in empty large Splenda or Nevella sweetener bags - holds about a bundle or box of cigars. Their foil layer keeps in the flavorful VOCs that can excape through plastic bags. (After all, it;s the VOCs that give flavor, not water vapor!) Keeps the cigars fine, one pillow per bag. The foil also keeps the moisture in, so they last for months without recharging.
William in NJ July 3, 2009
"These work just great"
I've been using this type of humidification device with 1 gallon freezer weight plastic storage bags in banker boxes for my non day-to-day cigars for almost a year now. Following instructions these are recharged monthly with distilled water and I've had excellent results. Not a substitute for a good wooden humidor with humidifier solution in the humidification device, but an acceptable cheap alternative!
Jim in Seattle August 22, 2008