WaterPillows Humidifier 12 Pk

25 Cigars Per Pillow

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25 Cigars Per Pillow
Clean and easy! WaterPillows will keep up to 25 cigars fresh for a month, or longer. Just soak a pillow in DISTILLED water for 20 seconds and watch it puff-up. Slip it into its baggie, put it in your humidor, and forget it. Ideal for factory-made boxes, travel humidors, and homemade containers.
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"Great little device "
I buy these 10-12 at a time. I use them in my small acrylic humidor, zip lock ba... more
Phil in Gainesville, GA
"Great! "
These are great! They work as described. Simple and cheap, you can't go wrong! ... more
Cody in WI
"These Work Amazingly Well! "
I've used these most often in the regular plastic bags you get when you buy sing... more
HS in Philly
"Great - Better than the Rest "
Have tried various devices for my second string cigars, from Drymistat, ceramic ... more
William in NJ
"These work just great "
I've been using this type of humidification device with 1 gallon freezer weight ... more
Jim in Seattle
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