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"Waste of My Time"
I agree with Paul. Got the catalog, but not available. You can stop sending me your catalog.
Chuck in June 2, 2014
"What the?"
I just received this new catalog and you say the Best of Arturo Fuente Sampler is not available? What a rip! What are you trying to pull? Why is it not at least on back order? Why would you put it in print if you don't have any in stock? Unbelievable. Maybe Illegal. False advertising. Misrepresentation. Bait and Switch attempt. Loss leader with not enough stock to cover your assets.
Paul in Blue Springs, MO October 8, 2013
Best cigar on the market!!!!!
Jim in Fullerton October 3, 2012
Great value. So far they are all pretty good. I highly recommend if you like Fuente or are interested in trying them.
eric in rhinelander, wi July 1, 2012
"Excellent value and great cigars."
If you like A.Fuente you'll love this sampler.
Adam in Cleveland, OH November 9, 2011
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