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"Pee-yoo nasty"
I m somewhat a newbie to cigars, but these things are foul and bitter tasting. I had other non-flavored White Owl cigars and they were ok, but these white grape things are going in the trash.
Darren L in WA State August 6, 2014
"Not bad at all!!"
Fresh every single time due to the wrapper. Burns for a good 30-40+ minutes. People hate on flavored sticks, but these taste great and not too overpowering. If you are trying to impress somebody, I'd probably look the other way, but if you just want something with a good taste for a nice relaxing evening on the deck with a beer, this a very good cheap cigar. Also for the price, you can't complain one bit.
Rob in Fort Wayne, IN May 21, 2012
"Nice taste for cheap!"
I bought these today at the gas station in my town. I have to say, I am satisfied. The foil keeps them fresh and they burn for quite a while compared to other MMs. Nice for flavored cigars and are definitely good for the beginner. Really recommended.
Ryan in North Carolina August 24, 2011
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10 Construction (85) 100
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