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White Owl Reviews

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White Owl Ranger
"I ll take these over Cubans"
These are quite a bargain. Mild and aromatic. Easy draw. I bought a box of Cubans in Peru. They were good cigars but I prefer these. Heresy, I know.
mike January 24, 2015
White Owl Cigarillos Foilfresh (replaces miniatures)
"Bring back the miniatures!"
Bad replacement for the Miniatures!
Howard in Tazewell January 1, 2015
White Owl Demi Tips 5 Pack
"Really Really Good"
I've been smoking these for a little while now . Sure , they have HTL wrapper etc .. but the flavor is surprisingly good! I haven't had one yet that wasn't constructed absolutely perfect .. and a perfect draw to boot! I really love a Muniemaker and a GV miniature but these Demi Tips are excellent! I also really enjoy the tip . Really , the draw on these are perfect , or maybe it s cause I'm in Georgia ... where life is close to Heaven:
John in Fannin County Georgia December 2, 2014
White Owl New Yorker
"Not a too bad every day cigar"
Burns quite well. Draw is an easy one. They taste like an every day cigar. Nothing wrong with that for the price. The thing that got me is the construction. Its not very compact so tobacco would fall out the end A LOT. This would happen every time I took a draw.
Logan in Massachusetts August 25, 2014
White Owl Blunts White Grape Foilfresh
"Pee-yoo nasty"
I m somewhat a newbie to cigars, but these things are foul and bitter tasting. I had other non-flavored White Owl cigars and they were ok, but these white grape things are going in the trash.
Darren L in WA State August 6, 2014
White Owl New Yorker
great smoke enjoyed it
chris in Birmingham,AL July 5, 2014
White Owl Demi Tips 5 Pack
"Tip Not Seated Right"
Had to re-seat the tip because I was drawing on too much air. Taste is good though.
SC in Philadelphia, PA June 26, 2014
White Owl Cigarillos Green Sweets
"Smooth and sweet"
These cigars are well constructed but perhaps a bit too moist as they are a bit tricky to light. Once lit, the sweetness remains throughout the smoke. Draw is a bit tight at first but opens up after the first third. There is a slight harshness during the final third but that is quite common on most machine made cigars. All in all highly recommended.
Jeff Allenbrand in Missouri April 23, 2014
White Owl New Yorker
"great cigar"
Absolutely enjoy your New Yorker, mild, smooth and so enjoyable...a truly great cigar. The foil wrapper is a plus for freshness. Grayson -Mount Airy, NC
Grayson in Mount Airy, NC March 11, 2014
White Owl Demi Tips 5 Pack
inconsistent quality, average 1 in 5 not smokeable
mike in az January 14, 2014
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