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White Owl Reviews

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White Owl New Yorker
"great cigar"
Absolutely enjoy your New Yorker, mild, smooth and so enjoyable...a truly great cigar. The foil wrapper is a plus for freshness. Grayson -Mount Airy, NC
Grayson in Mount Airy, NC March 11, 2014
White Owl Demi Tips 5 Pack
inconsistent quality, average 1 in 5 not smokeable
mike in az January 14, 2014
White Owl Invincible
"Foil Wrappers are Great!"
If the foil wrappers help keep the cigar from going stale, then why are you smokers crying so much? If you cannot open a foil-package, then you must be pathetic! Tobacco is expensive nowadays, so be glad you will have quality-packaged cigars if they are foil wrapped!
Gerry in NJ, USA December 18, 2013
White Owl Cigarillos Foilfresh (replaces miniatures)
"Bring back the Miniatures"
Bring back the original Miniatures. They were the small cigar with a big cigar taste.
Elvis in Virginia December 18, 2013
White Owl New Yorker
"not a single negative thing to say about the cigar"
this is a great cigar for any money; I find it more enjoyable than the ones I've purchased at the local cigar shop and there is probably no converting a cigar snob, but I find it enjoyable in every category. the fan criticisms are valid about being difficult to find,the wrapper can be a pain at times, and a larger size choice would be nice.
Steve in Nashville November 20, 2013
White Owl Cigarillos Foilfresh (replaces miniatures)
"Bad choice of replacement."
Bring the old school miniatures back these are garbage!
Willie in Georgia November 2, 2013
White Owl Ranger 6 Pack
"An excellent "every day" cigar"
I really like this cigar. Have tried many cigars of similar size %26 type and previously had settled on AyC Grenadiers until I rediscovered White Owl Rangers.
Chuck in Midwest October 9, 2013
White Owl Ranger 6 Pack
"A Decent Knock-Around Cigar"
I was looking for an inexpensive, every day cigar for when I'm working around the yard or listening to a ballgame on the radio. These are a good knock-around cigar for every day use when you don't feel like smoking a $10 cigar every time you sit down. They have a little bite to them, so it takes some getting used to. And I sometimes clip off the end to increase the draw. I don't ever plan to invite my friends over for White Owl smoking party and serve expensive wine, but these suit my purposes from time to time and it's nice to have a few on hand, even at the dog park.
Brad McIntyre in Kaukauna, WI. August 28, 2013
White Owl New Yorker
"Very enjoyable"
Started enjoying the New Yorker this summer while at the cottage in New Brunswick. Prior usually stayed with Cubans. have found the New Yorker excellent in every respect and very enjoyable. really like the price - compared to Cubans.
Bob in Yellowknife NT Canada August 24, 2013
White Owl Cigarillos Black
Roger in Texas February 17, 2013
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