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White Owl Reviews

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White Owl Cigarillos Foilfresh (replaces miniatures)
"Not Happy, will not buy again."
Miniatures were very good - Cigarillos are a very poor replacement. The Foilfresh wrapper is terrible; most times hard to remove and ruins the cigar.
Jim W in Culver, Indiana USA December 21, 2011
White Owl New Yorker
"great blend and good mild taste"
the new yorker is a good cigar and a nice enjoyable smoke please keep selling these cigar mike in ct 12/10/2011
mike in ct December 10, 2011
White Owl Cigarillos Green Sweets
Green sweets are Nice.(burns welll)
steven in toledo December 8, 2011
White Owl Cigarillos (5) Foilfresh (replaces miniatures)
"Quality Control on wrapping SUCKIS!!!"
The quality control (lower case on purpose) is horrible. I smoke the flavored cigarillos, grap, peach, strawberry, etc. and have had tremendous difficulty getting the darned things UNwrapped. I have had to use a small pair of fingernail sissors with a curved end, to clip off the top seal then cut down one side and push the wrapper off the cigar. By the time all this has been accomplished I'm exhausted. I just found a pack of peach flavored ones where all 5 had to be done as described above. With rare exceptions, the little 'Pull' tab has worked as it should. The rule seems to be, buy some other brand...I'm looking!!!
Steve in Hayes November 21, 2011
White Owl New Yorker
"Hard to find in stores but when found is bless."
Hands down White Owl New Yorker is best cigar for the money.I don't care much for the new foil wrapper as is hard to open and I do like my cigar a little bit drier, like the old wrapper cigar.If it is to moist, then resin on the lips and I hate that. The burn is slow and the draw is easy. The appearance is clean and even and the constuction is tight and right. The tast is clean, smooth and tasty. Just don't like those new silver foil wrappers.
Wade M in Kansas November 8, 2011
White Owl Blunts Green Sweets
"Truly a Fabulous smoke !"
This is a fabulous smoke. Nic hit is perfect. A nice mild flavor with a touch of sweetness. I think the price is right. My all day smoke. Great job White Owl!
Kip M in Minnesota October 30, 2011
White Owl Cigarillos White Grape (5)
This is fantastic. Its a grape flavor thats a bit less intense than the normal grape. lovely to smoke on the golf course or outside my dorm room.
Jake McDowell in Atlanta October 8, 2011
White Owl Invincible
"Excellent value for money"
Good relaxing smoke and economic. Consistancy good and taste is mild. Goes well wit a wee dram.
7.62 in New Zealand October 3, 2011
White Owl Blunts White Grape Foilfresh
"Nice taste for cheap!"
I bought these today at the gas station in my town. I have to say, I am satisfied. The foil keeps them fresh and they burn for quite a while compared to other MMs. Nice for flavored cigars and are definitely good for the beginner. Really recommended.
Ryan in North Carolina August 24, 2011
White Owl Cigarillos Foilfresh (replaces miniatures)
"For goodness sake bring back the Miniatures!"
I have been smoking the White Owl Miniatures for a number of years (thanks to my daughter who works for British airways)and having been in the R.A.F. for 30 years and served world-wide they were definitely my cigar of choice: lovely mild taste and an excellent burner. What is more, they were always readily available in CVS or Walgreens. But the Sweet Cigarillos replacements are NOTHING like them in any way. Please bring back the Miniatures. Why, oh why, do people mend things when they ain't broke!!!?
Revd. David R Witts in U.K. August 16, 2011
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