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White Owl Cigarillos Peach 69 cent pre-priced
The first one I had, there were tiny holes in it; I tossed it out because it was useless. Cigar beetle?
JDC in Los Angeles, CA November 20, 2012
White Owl Cigarillos Black
"tastes good"
Fresh and smooth ....
roy in jenkins October 9, 2012
White Owl New Yorker
"Hard to find"
My boyfriend will only smoke White Owl New Yorker cigars. I have a terrible time trying to find them! I finally decided to look on line and found you! Thank you, your a life saver!
Angela in South Bend, Indiana October 5, 2012
White Owl Invincible
Replace foil wrapper with former wrapper. foil wrapper is usually difficult to remove smoothly.
T Turner in Albany, NY August 15, 2012
White Owl New Yorker
"great cigar fix the foil wraper"
great tasteing cigar keep on selling white owl new yorkers but please tell the company to fix the darn foil wrapper takes 5 mins to unwarp the cigar go back to the clear wrapper thank you 8/12/12
mike in ct August 12, 2012
White Owl Blunts White Grape Foilfresh
"Not bad at all!!"
Fresh every single time due to the wrapper. Burns for a good 30-40+ minutes. People hate on flavored sticks, but these taste great and not too overpowering. If you are trying to impress somebody, I'd probably look the other way, but if you just want something with a good taste for a nice relaxing evening on the deck with a beer, this a very good cheap cigar. Also for the price, you can't complain one bit.
Rob in Fort Wayne, IN May 21, 2012
White Owl Cigarillos Foilfresh (replaces miniatures)
"bummer bring back minitures"
bad choice to quit making the minitures and replace them with an inferior product. I'm smoling muriel coronellas now, not white owls but not bad
t. c. whitield in long beach ms. March 23, 2012
White Owl Cigarillos White Grape (5)
"Do not buy"
Was looking forward to trying these. When i opened it and took a whiff it reminded me off grape gum. I was looking forward to a good grape flavor but there was slim to none. Will bum the other four out to friends.
Scott in Rochester, NY February 9, 2012
White Owl Cigarillos Foilfresh (replaces miniatures)
"Not Happy, will not buy again."
Miniatures were very good - Cigarillos are a very poor replacement. The Foilfresh wrapper is terrible; most times hard to remove and ruins the cigar.
Jim W in Culver, Indiana USA December 21, 2011
White Owl New Yorker
"great blend and good mild taste"
the new yorker is a good cigar and a nice enjoyable smoke please keep selling these cigar mike in ct 12/10/2011
mike in ct December 10, 2011
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