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"Quality Control on wrapping SUCKIS!!!"
The quality control (lower case on purpose) is horrible. I smoke the flavored cigarillos, grap, peach, strawberry, etc. and have had tremendous difficulty getting the darned things UNwrapped. I have had to use a small pair of fingernail sissors with a curved end, to clip off the top seal then cut down one side and push the wrapper off the cigar. By the time all this has been accomplished I'm exhausted. I just found a pack of peach flavored ones where all 5 had to be done as described above. With rare exceptions, the little 'Pull' tab has worked as it should. The rule seems to be, buy some other brand...I'm looking!!!
Steve in Hayes November 21, 2011
"Very dissatisfied."
I've enjoyed White Owl Minatures for over 40 years and haven't found any others I like to replace them. Before the change most stores ran out of stock so it had to be a good seller. I don't understand why you would change.
Charles in Clinton June 12, 2010
Surely the manufacturer should have learned a lesson from the new coke deal where they replaced everyones favorite with the new coke.I have tried the cigarillas and dont like them at all,I have smoked the miniatures for 40 years or so and all of a sudden they just decide to quit manufacture them?White Owl,I strongly suggest you reconsider or else I will be forced to find something else or quit smoking,now hey theres an idea,just look at all the money I could save!
william in Easley,SC February 26, 2010
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