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White Owl Cigarillos Foilfresh (replaces miniatures) Reviews [view details]

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"Bring back the miniatures"
Bring back the miniatures!
Jerry hawks in Jacksonville, fl November 3, 2010
"bring back the miniatures"
These are a horrible replacement to the most popular Miniature. Bring back the mini and fire the guy who stopped the making of the Miniature... rate 10
dave paradis in sutton nh October 16, 2010
I have been a White Owl miniature smoker for some time now, and the only cigar Ihave really enjoyed. Tried others but come back to Miniatures. Now you no longer make them??? What a bummer. Please reconsider your decision and resume production of the WO Miniature. Thanks!!!
Lou K in Bel Air Maryland August 29, 2010
Raymond in Rhode island August 24, 2010
"Very popular Miniatures replaced by poor quality"
I bought a box of these because some bone-head at White Owl decided not to make the Miniatures anymore. These have a cut tip which immediately began to disintegrate after a few puffs. The taste isn't bad but you will be spitting out tobacco the whole time. These were my everyday cigars, so on the good side I now only occasionally smoke a higher quality cigar and am smoking less. This was a terrible decision by someone at the company. Not recommended.
Dennis in Tulsa, OK July 21, 2010
"White Owl Miniatures vs. White Owl Cigarillos"
Long time WO Minaiture smoker. Very sad to see these replaced by the Cigarillo. Tried these new Cigarillos for a month now. Harsh taste, open tip must be cut to get good draw. Foil package is nice but tabs will not work properly to remove them. Just not a good switch in my opinion. New Cigarillos come in flavers which may be popular but not for me. Big mistake White Owl! Bring back the Miniatures!
Rick Onks in usa February 19, 2010
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