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White Owl Cigarillos Foilfresh (replaces miniatures) Reviews [view details]

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"Bring back the miniatures!"
Bad replacement for the Miniatures!
Howard in Tazewell January 1, 2015
"Bring back the Miniatures"
Bring back the original Miniatures. They were the small cigar with a big cigar taste.
Elvis in Virginia December 18, 2013
"Bad choice of replacement."
Bring the old school miniatures back these are garbage!
Willie in Georgia November 2, 2013
"25 avg, very poor"
Very poor substitute for a cigar I thoroughly enjoyed. Had been buying them in the box of 50, but sadly they were discontinued so I have to look elsewhere to find another quality cigar to enjoy. The taste, burn and draw do not live up to what I expect from a White Owl cigar.
Joe in Clute, Tx December 20, 2012
"bummer bring back minitures"
bad choice to quit making the minitures and replace them with an inferior product. I'm smoling muriel coronellas now, not white owls but not bad
t. c. whitield in long beach ms. March 23, 2012
"Not Happy, will not buy again."
Miniatures were very good - Cigarillos are a very poor replacement. The Foilfresh wrapper is terrible; most times hard to remove and ruins the cigar.
Jim W in Culver, Indiana USA December 21, 2011
"For goodness sake bring back the Miniatures!"
I have been smoking the White Owl Miniatures for a number of years (thanks to my daughter who works for British airways)and having been in the R.A.F. for 30 years and served world-wide they were definitely my cigar of choice: lovely mild taste and an excellent burner. What is more, they were always readily available in CVS or Walgreens. But the Sweet Cigarillos replacements are NOTHING like them in any way. Please bring back the Miniatures. Why, oh why, do people mend things when they ain't broke!!!?
Revd. David R Witts in U.K. August 16, 2011
No miniatures, no cigars
Don in Tempe, AZ. March 1, 2011
Absolutly horrible! Completely different from the Miniature. After using Minitures for 35 yrs, these are supposed to be a substitute? I think Not!!
Jim R. in WA State December 13, 2010
"White Own Miniatures a 10, Cigarillos a -1"
I would be interested to know why the White Own Company did away with the miniature in favor of the Cigarillo which is so inferior I am looking for something else. The enjoyment of a cigar is the tobacco taste as it is held in the mouth. The Cigarillo falls apart and is a terrible excuse of a Miniature replacement. Bring back the miniature!
Jim in Upper New York State November 20, 2010
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