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"Foil Wrappers are Great!"
If the foil wrappers help keep the cigar from going stale, then why are you smokers crying so much? If you cannot open a foil-package, then you must be pathetic! Tobacco is expensive nowadays, so be glad you will have quality-packaged cigars if they are foil wrapped!
Gerry in NJ, USA December 18, 2013
Replace foil wrapper with former wrapper. foil wrapper is usually difficult to remove smoothly.
T Turner in Albany, NY August 15, 2012
"Excellent value for money"
Good relaxing smoke and economic. Consistancy good and taste is mild. Goes well wit a wee dram.
7.62 in New Zealand October 3, 2011
"To each their own"
I see Dave in NY sees himself as the arbiter of what one should smoke or not smoke - even advising people to get better jobs so that they will smoke the cigars he approves of. And yet I see machine mades forming the bulk of cigar revenue. This is a decent smoke. Just fine for what it is. It can't be classed with handmade cigars obviously, just as cigarettes can't though they pull in billions each year worldwide. I find these a great mild smoke.
David in georgia September 17, 2010
"Nice easy smoking stick"
I saw one review that was incredulous that this stick was rated so high.. Well.. Cigars are a personal thing in my opinion..One mans poison is another mans nectar.. This is a great cigar I can smoke while riding my Harley or just sitting around yaking with my bros..Nice taste..
Woody in Mililani Hawaii October 13, 2009
"No one should take poverty this seriously."
There are scores of relatively inexpensive cigars that provide a good smoking experience; White Owl's are not among them. If this is all you can afford, you should seek better employment or consider not smoking at all.
Dave in Dutchess County, New York July 7, 2009
"White Owl New Yorker/Invincible"
For a machine-made with homogenous wrapper, these aren't bad. They deliver consistant mild flavor cigar after cigar. H. Upmann they're not, but they are a good economical everyday smoke while working in the yard, driving home from work, etc.
Datalord in USA November 23, 2008
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10 Burn (78) 100
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10 Consistency (83) 100
Poor Consistency Rating Excellent

10 Draw (75) 100
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10 Appearance (75) 100
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10 Taste (77) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (76) 100
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