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Wingman 5 Packs Reviews

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Coffee Wingman #2
"Tatiana Mocha, never again!"
I will never buy any cigar sampler again that has this cigar in it. I spit out almost as much tobacco as I smoked. A horrible experience.
David in Dallas, Tx April 8, 2014
Full Bodied Wingman #15
Perfect match, the 15th and the judge both are excellent the wingman doesnt lose any of the taste with the JUDGE.
DAWG in N.C. November 24, 2013
Medium Bodied Wingman #9
"A good package"
Buy these and save the Black Markets for yourself, and give the La Glorias to your buddies.
DAWG in N.C. November 24, 2013 October 29, 2013
Sumatra Wingman #2
"Enjoyed The Assortment"
An assortment allows me to switch with my wine choices.
DAWG in N.C. November 24, 2013 October 29, 2013 September 20, 2013
Boutique Wingman #2
"Enjoyed These Very Much"
Like the assortment. Allows me to match with my wine.
DAWG in N.C. November 24, 2013 October 29, 2013 September 20, 2013 September 20, 2013
Spiced Wingman #1
"Pretty Good"
Overall a pretty good smoke. I enjoy the Kuba Kubas and Blondies more, but this one is still better than most.
ThePawofRizzo in OK August 8, 2013
Spiced Wingman #1
Did not enjoy...
Scott in Mi July 19, 2013
Habano Wingman #4
"waste of time"
The 601 was harsh at several places during the smoke. The Don Barretto had an off flavor and was not enjoyable. At least I've eliminated two birds with one stone.
Cal in Kentucky June 7, 2013
Connecticut Wingman #1
"Great Combo"
Great mild combo. Both of these are great if you like Connecticut shade.
Cal in Kentucky June 7, 2013 February 3, 2013
Connecticut Wingman #1
"Extremely good combo"
This pairing is about as good as it gets if you enjoy the mild taste of Connecticut wrappers. Good construction, excellent flavor, these have become a favorite in my humidor.
Tony in Denver January 22, 2013
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