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Wingman 5 Packs Reviews

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Top Rated Wingman #5
"Best Mild Cigar Pairing Yet"
Ordered this combination when it first came out and have to say that these are two of the finest mild smokes ever. I've been a fan of both these cigars long before this pairing. The Oliva Connecticut Reserve is a magnificent and well crafted cigar, but the La Aurora Preferidos Connecticut #2 Natural are in a class all their own. If ever there were a perfect combination of mild cigars, this is it. This sampler should be rated a 99.
Tony in Denver November 16, 2014
Coffee Wingman #1
"Tunneling Problem"
The first two Drew Estates/RP Java S had severe tunneling issues. It's not my humidor as both were soft and squishy when they arrived and were smoked withing days of their arrival. So far disappointed.
Steve in Los Angeles September 23, 2014
Mild Bodied Wingman #6
"Nice Smokes"
These 2 cigars are phenomenal for the price. I prefer the La Vieja Habanas over the Casa Toranos, but the are both nice smokes. I d say the Vieja Habanas are more towards medium smokes. Great taste on both though, I d definitely recommend for the price
John in Illinois July 30, 2014
Boutique Wingman #2
"You can't go wrong on this wingman"
I'm a real big fan of both of these cigars. There both a smooth and pleasurable smoke. You cant go wrong.
weasel1 in joplin mo May 21, 2014
Maduro Wingman #1
"Great taste, Great Buy"
I buy this deal over and over again. Do the math! 4 orders are actually cheaper than if you ordered a box of Camacho Triple Maduros and you get the LaFloridas as a BONUS. Both of these cigars are nothing less than GREAT. If you like full bodied cigars you can t go wrong.
David in Dallas Tx May 14, 2014
Full Bodied Wingman #5
Inferno is one of the really nice cigars for a good price, but I m kind of disappointed of La Gloria Serie R... It s pretty harsh second taste..., smells bad, tastes bad... :
Vasil in CA May 11, 2014
Spiced Wingman #1
"Very enjoyable smoke."
I was not a cigar smoker and had a Kuba Kuba at my brother s insistance. I really enjoyed it and smoked them for a couple of months. I decided to try something else so the Wingman was a timely deal. Turns out I like the Mantra even more but most smoke shops do not stock them. So I order them by the box now. They are a bit smoother than the Kuba Kuba. Put me in the category that likes these 2 sticks.
Bob in Virginia Beach April 26, 2014
Coffee Wingman #2
"Tatiana Mocha, never again!"
I will never buy any cigar sampler again that has this cigar in it. I spit out almost as much tobacco as I smoked. A horrible experience.
David in Dallas, Tx April 8, 2014
Full Bodied Wingman #15
Perfect match, the 15th and the judge both are excellent the wingman doesnt lose any of the taste with the JUDGE.
DAWG in N.C. November 24, 2013
Medium Bodied Wingman #9
"A good package"
Buy these and save the Black Markets for yourself, and give the La Glorias to your buddies.
DAWG in N.C. November 24, 2013 October 29, 2013
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