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Wingman 5 Packs Reviews

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Mild Bodied Wingman #6
"Nice Smokes"
These 2 cigars are phenomenal for the price. I prefer the La Vieja Habanas over the Casa Toranos, but the are both nice smokes. I d say the Vieja Habanas are more towards medium smokes. Great taste on both though, I d definitely recommend for the price
John in Illinois July 30, 2014
Boutique Wingman #2
"You can't go wrong on this wingman"
I'm a real big fan of both of these cigars. There both a smooth and pleasurable smoke. You cant go wrong.
weasel1 in joplin mo May 21, 2014
Maduro Wingman #1
"Great taste, Great Buy"
I buy this deal over and over again. Do the math! 4 orders are actually cheaper than if you ordered a box of Camacho Triple Maduros and you get the LaFloridas as a BONUS. Both of these cigars are nothing less than GREAT. If you like full bodied cigars you can t go wrong.
David in Dallas Tx May 14, 2014
Full Bodied Wingman #5
Inferno is one of the really nice cigars for a good price, but I m kind of disappointed of La Gloria Serie R... It s pretty harsh second taste..., smells bad, tastes bad... :
Vasil in CA May 11, 2014
Spiced Wingman #1
"Very enjoyable smoke."
I was not a cigar smoker and had a Kuba Kuba at my brother s insistance. I really enjoyed it and smoked them for a couple of months. I decided to try something else so the Wingman was a timely deal. Turns out I like the Mantra even more but most smoke shops do not stock them. So I order them by the box now. They are a bit smoother than the Kuba Kuba. Put me in the category that likes these 2 sticks.
Bob in Virginia Beach April 26, 2014
Coffee Wingman #2
"Tatiana Mocha, never again!"
I will never buy any cigar sampler again that has this cigar in it. I spit out almost as much tobacco as I smoked. A horrible experience.
David in Dallas, Tx April 8, 2014
Full Bodied Wingman #15
Perfect match, the 15th and the judge both are excellent the wingman doesnt lose any of the taste with the JUDGE.
DAWG in N.C. November 24, 2013
Medium Bodied Wingman #9
"A good package"
Buy these and save the Black Markets for yourself, and give the La Glorias to your buddies.
DAWG in N.C. November 24, 2013 October 29, 2013
Sumatra Wingman #2
"Enjoyed The Assortment"
An assortment allows me to switch with my wine choices.
DAWG in N.C. November 24, 2013 October 29, 2013 September 20, 2013
Boutique Wingman #2
"Enjoyed These Very Much"
Like the assortment. Allows me to match with my wine.
DAWG in N.C. November 24, 2013 October 29, 2013 September 20, 2013 September 20, 2013
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