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Wingman 5 Packs Reviews

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Criollo Wingman #4
"Buy it"
Buy this, you guys will not be dissapointed. I got it off the monster for a little cheaper, but even at 3.70$ per cigar this is a steal. The kristoff is simply amazing, and the carlos torano is probably my favorite non maduro cigar.
RB March 15, 2012
Full Bodied Wingman #1
This looks to me to be one of the best samplers you could ever create. Both cigars are mind-blowers; the pure chocolate pre-light draw of the Camacho 3M is paralleled exactly by the pure chocolate post-smoke taste of the Joya GC. The smokes themselves advance along a subtlety line that begins with the Cam's slow groove and ends with the Joya's precision blast. Whoever came up with this sampler was a genius. Now tell us again why it's out of stock, and why it isn't on sale?!?!? ;-)
Barak H-E in Tel Aviv March 13, 2012
Brazilian Wingman #4
"Back Again!"
Just had more of the two cigars represented in this pack. Again, I have to say this is the most impressive pack of ten cigars I have come across in a while...flavor, burn, looks the Brazilian Wingman #4 has it all. Those who enjoy maduro cigars will not go wrong buying this sampler. I would rate this pack in the mid nineties...something I do not often do as I find most cigars highly overrated.
Edward in MI January 21, 2012
Brazilian Wingman #4
For three dollars less than the cost of a Kristoff Maduro five pack you get the bonus of receiving a ten pack of two of the finest tasting blends I have ever smoked! I have never smoked the older PDR Oscuro but one can rest assured this is a truly fine cigar. Rich, round flavor and, smooth on the palate, the PDR Oscuro is a great compliment to the Kristoff. In my opinion, both cigars punch far above their class and are true bargains! That said,individual taste can account for much but I honestly think one who enjoys a great maduro will find these cigars truly enjoyable...BTW, I just purchased two more B.W.#4's
Edward in Michigan December 31, 2011
Coffee Wingman #1
"Outstanding cigars and offer"
Anyone who knows anything about these cigars knows that the Java and the Tabak especial are top quality premium cigars made by Drew Estate, The flavor alone will keep you coming back for more and the price being offered here for the Wingman #1 is just amazing, If you havent tried them I urge you take advantage of this fantastic deal, You wont be disappointed.
Brian C. in Bensalem PA. November 25, 2011
Full Bodied Wingman #1
"Don't sleep on this sampler!"
The 1970 Antano was the cigar of the week on Cigar Aficionado last week and my favorite cigar to date. The triple maduros are very tasty with a little less punch than the Antano's.
Don Pablo in Galveston November 16, 2011
Full Bodied Wingman #1
"Excellent Sampler!!"
I have tried both the Joyo and the Camacho from this sampler. Both are well worth is! The Joyo started off slow, but then exploded with nut and earth tastes and had a very eye popping strong finish. I had to take a few minutes to stand after I was finished. The Camacho triple maduro was rich and nutty from start to finish. it was one of the smoothest maduros I have ever tasted! I highly recommend this sampler to anyone who loves a full flavored cigar!
Jeff in Paris, IL October 19, 2011
Maduro Wingman #1
"I thought both of these were great."
The La Floridita Limited Magnum Maduro wasn't as full bodied as expected but, boy was it good. It burned absolutely flawless, with excellent draw, and a wonderful smooth taste. As for the Camacho Triple Maduro, this could be my new favorite cigar. Each time I smoked one it was if I was being treated to something very rare. A delicacy.
Jeff in Paris, IL October 19, 2011 October 17, 2011
Costa Rican Wingman #1
"Lost expectations"
I was hoping for more than I got. The first Olde World Reserve I received as a birthday gift in December. Due to the weather I let it rest in my humidor until spring with high hopes. The burn was every way to Sunday wrong...It tunneled,canoed and was uneven. I had to relight twice. The same has happened to both types of Rocky's in the Dutch Schultz wise but. The only saving grace is the flavor of the Honduran classic but the way these cigars burn makes it not worth the effort. Even the Te Amo's I purchased burn better and with more consistency. Sorry Dutch,I'll keep looking for that treasure elsewhere.
Edward Roth in Michigan August 15, 2011
Costa Rican Wingman #1
"Wised Up!"
Famous smoke has done it again an amazing deal and even better stogies. Got here fast unlike anything I ever order and they were in great condition(sure one was a bit cracked, but it made for a great chew.) I keep telling all my friends about this place although I may have to stop, they're gonna by all my darn cigars!
Richard in Japan May 7, 2011
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