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Winston Churchill Marrakesh Reviews [view details]

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Fellas, let's not get carried away with ourselves. This cigar is not a 90's cigar. At best it is a cigar that should be around 87 considering that there are a lot of good cigars in the market. Let's save the high 90's for those cigars that have proven themselves over time.
Gary in Dallas, Ga. June 27, 2012
"Best cigar ever"
I have been smoking cigars casually since 1991. This is the best cigar I have ever had, hands down. I normally smoke a $10 cigar that is full bodied. When I lit this cigar I thought it was mild, then as I smoked it, it turned medium. Smooth, nice draw. Incredible construction. I hate writing this review because I wish it was not good as it was. The price is ridiculous. I paid $25 for a single in NYC. I will watch this website and hope for a sale. It was fantastic, amazing, I am running out of words but I loved and highly recommend it but the price keeps me from stocking my humidor.
Dave in Wayne, NJ September 14, 2010
"Best cigar I have ever had. Too expensive thou."
I like everything about this cigar except the price. I have tried many brands and this is the top of the line. If this cigar ever goes on sale somewhere, please, someone let me know. I would buy the case of 25 but just can't do mid $400s.
Gary in Discovery Bay CALIF September 2, 2010
"creamiest cigar I ever smoked"
When I first lit this cigar I thought, "this is way to mild" but after the first 2 or 3 minute this thing really came to life. This cigar got creamy and full of smooth flavors. I'm no pro but I can fully recommend this cigar to just about anybody from a beginner to an old pro. but i fear a beginner wouldn't appreciate all the complex flavors.
Dustin in NJ July 4, 2010
"really good cigar"
I bought a single of this cigar and I'm not disappointed. I little pricey but a very good smoke. It started a bit mild but really came to life about 10 minutes or one inch in. This cigar has a very good taste and I will buy more. but for the price it will be more for occasions than every day.
Dustin B in new Jersey May 28, 2010
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10 Construction (97) 100
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