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really good!
in December 24, 2012
"Love them!"
These are not your cigar lovers masterpiece but a quick easy going smoke thats smooth and silky they have a great flavor and are perfect for a 15 min smoke break on the go or at work. I allways like to have a few tins of these around for those nights you don't have time to sit down for an hour and smoke
ATB in Hyrum, Utah November 14, 2012
A very disappointing smoke. I was expecting much better based on the reviews and ratings. Short, hot, quick burn with no discernible flavor. Pass on these.
Johnae in Chicago September 9, 2011
"Great for What they are..."
These little cigarillos are great if you want a smooth, ultra mild and pleasurable 10 minute diversion from your day. What they are not is full bodied, complex, or to be compared with so many larger and more "commitment oriented" smokes, by that I mean time, cost, and aftertaste... SOMETIMES YOU JUST WANT A SMOOTH, SWEET LITTLE BREAK... and these little Gems are it!
Terry in California May 7, 2010
"don't do it"
I have no idea why these things such a high review. Unimpressive in every way and simply not worth it. If you?re looking for a quick smoke try a habanito by don lino but stay away from these things
eddie in sunny iraq February 15, 2010
For a quick smoke, these are great. Creamy and smooth. Started out a little too sweet, but quickly mellowed into a real nice vanilla flavor. Good price too.
Greg in Seattle March 5, 2008
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