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Xen By Nish Patel Reviews

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Xen By Nish Patel Torpedo
"The Best, Really"
Just started the first box, I am ordering another box now. Smooth, incredible blend of filler, binder, and wrap. You have to taste them to believe it, and to my golf buddies, go buy your own...
Michael in Lockport, NY September 23, 2014
Xen By Nish Patel Robusto
"taste leaves much to be desired"
looked great coming out of package, draw was nice, flavor is not so nice. it tastes like a chemical added to mentholate. i would not smoke in future
steve in vallejo February 27, 2014
Xen By Nish Patel Robusto
"Box Cigar"
Harsh at first, mellows out early with lots of smoke. I would smoke this cigar again.
Kermit Hebert in Central Florida June 27, 2013
Xen By Nish Patel Robusto
Got this freebie also but noticed immediately the wrapper was split and damaged in several locations. Not a good start! I would judge this cigar just OK at best after struggling to keep it lit after several touchups. Not a bad smoke but I think one's hard earned cash can be placed elsewhere for a moderately priced cigar with a better wrapper, complexity and construction.
Howard in Morton Grove April 5, 2013
Xen By Nish Patel Test Flight
"A good cigar for dinner or a campfire"
This cigar is unique and not like most of the Patel line. It has a complexity that brings the flavors together just right. Smoothness with a subtle sharp bite, yet not too harsh. Sweet, but just barely and followed with tones of fruit and earth. I like this cigar, but at the retail price there are many others that are better.
Ipyramus in Midwest April 2, 2013
Xen By Nish Patel Robusto
"How Cool"
I recieved the freebie and thought how cool is that . Patel and Famous are class acts . The cigar was OK but not box worthy to me .
Smokey Da Mota in Easy Chair March 22, 2013
Xen By Nish Patel Robusto
"Shocked and Impressed!!!"
I received this smoke as a freebie with my latest order. Fairly decent construction and firm with little give. Lit real easy with an easy but not too easy draw. Taste was a little spicy in the begin and went away. With the rest of the smoke being a medium to light with a woodsy/nutty flavor with a hint of.... I'm not sure. Couldn't really put my palate on it, but enjoyable. I would be interested in purchasing at least a 5pack to investigate more. However I believe Nish may have a winner here. Good Job!
Billy in Patuxent River, MD February 22, 2013
Xen By Nish Patel Robusto
"Close!! ...but no cig..wait!!"
Got a promo, rested at 68rh for 2 months, went to clip the end,RRRRRRrip went the silky-smooth but oh so fragile wrapper.$$$hit!! bad start, first third was Harsh, 2nd third improved somewhat reminiscent of RP Royal Vintage, but lacking overall depth. Good burn, smoke output, draw was on the loose side (ala RP) but I couldn't really tell with my busted wrapper! Nothing new on final 3rd, good oils, aromas, just lacking "Xen" ne sais quoi!
Doug W. in Bowie,MD February 21, 2013
Xen By Nish Patel Robusto
"It was free"
I got this cigar free with another purchase so I don't want to complain. That being said...... The taste was not good. Everything else about this cigar was really nice, the appearance, the burn, ect. But the flavor left much to be desired, it was bitter from start to finish. Thanks for the sample but it convinced me not to purchase and I suspect your intentions were otherwise.
Daniel in MN February 20, 2013
Xen By Nish Patel Robusto
"Looked Great was expecting a good Smoke..."
Well it started bad when i tried to punch the end and the wrapper fell apart.I soldiered on and got half way through this cheap tasting cigar. I was shocked by how poor it was and cut my losses.
Todd February 4, 2013
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