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Xen By Nish Patel Reviews

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Xen By Nish Patel Robusto
the first thing i noticed was the cheap label with faded and non alligned ink...all the great ones have real clean and quality labels...next i noticed a bit of a bitter taste on pallet...while constructed well this is not a high quality cigar and not worth the money..if you want to find out what a good quality cigar should smoke like in this price range get a BRICK HOUSE CIGAR, high quality and good price!!!!!!!!
michael in monterey ca January 14, 2013
Xen By Nish Patel Robusto
"Not too good!"
Got one as a promo w/ a mail order. Reminded me of one of those really cheap cigars. Went online to see what the price was--way too high! Head fell apart when I tried to punch it.
prpathaven in Richfield, PA January 12, 2013
Xen By Nish Patel Robusto
Got one free from Famous and I think Nish better hope someone keeps giving them away. This is the worst dog-rocket I've ever smoked, at any price. Flavor is something like sale cheap cigarettes, burn is horrible, construction was so-so. Don't waste your cash on this cigar
Macrophylla in NC December 27, 2012
Xen By Nish Patel Robusto
"Try It!!"
A pleasure to smoke, and I typically like a much darker oily stick. Lots of flavor, but not faked. Genuine Appeal!
R.J. in East Stroudsburg, PA December 18, 2012
Xen By Nish Patel Torpedo
"Torpedo Away"
This is a party in your mouth as Nish says. It is awesome. I like Maduro, but this is a smoke I burn my fingers on because I dont put it down till I do. Its a great burn, razor sharp, awesome construction, and a mellow taste. Wonderful job on this smoke. I cant describe the joy it brings. Try it and you will see. Its a serious joy from spark to finish.
Jimmy in Logan Utah November 27, 2012
Xen By Nish Patel Short Robusto
"The best shorty"
I don't smoke Connecticut.... I hate them. I am a Maduro Man. But, What the heck, I will try a fiver. The burn is crisp and razor sharp. the flavors are indescribable, really, I won't try. But awesome. The shorty is a economical smoke, and the worst part of it, is that it has to end. Then I go get another. You should buy a box. Trust me. I think Nish hit a home run. And remember, I don't smoke Connecticut... This is a Connecticut with an ATTITUDE.
Jimmy in Logan Utah November 27, 2012
Xen By Nish Patel Toro
"great flavor..will kick your butt"
When i first lit this stick i was in love.unbelievable flavor.third of the way in its power kicked in and omg!! I am an otr truck driver and glad i was parked at the time.this is not a medium cigar.i smoke a lot of joya and camacho triple maduro and the xen is much more potent. If i could get it in a petite corona would be great but any more and i just aint man enough for it. Too bad because the flavor is awesome.
tom in cookeville,tn March 18, 2012
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