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Xikar 15 Count Cigar Humidor Reviews [view details]

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"Outstanding travel humidor..."
I had been looking for a travel humidor for quite some time, needed something that could take abuse, as I travel all over Southwest Texas to work in Emergency Services... I paired this humidor with a "Drymistat" tube, and it works perfectly, all day everyday...
Bruce in San Antonio Texas October 2, 2013
"Tough Humidor"
Great travel humidor, tough as nails - doesn't matter if you drop it or stand on it, it holds up great. Easy to maintain and super way to carry a small supply of sticks just about anywhere you need to go.
Sean S in Calera, Alabama October 8, 2011
"Maybe TOO good"
I bought this travel humidor for avacation to Cancun, Mexico. Having read one of the other reviews, I packed it in my carry-on luggage, figuring it wouldn't vacuum seal shut this way - not! Picture yourself trying to pass through Mexican customs and being asked to show your cigars, with your travel humidor firmly sealed shut and no sharp object to pry it open! Thankfully the immigration people got tired of watching me struggle and let me through! Otherwise, no complaints - great product.
Matt in Topeka March 1, 2010
"It's is sturdy"
It is a sturdy case, however I had one issue. If you do any air travel, you will find that you cannot open the case upon landing. Physics are the problem here really due to atmospheric changes effectively sealing the case closed. It was very difficult and I did damage my humidor trying to open it. After I contacted Xikar about this problem, they said this is a common problem, but have a solution. That solution is in the 225Xi. It has an air release valve so you can purge the box in order to open it after landing. http://www.xikar.com/popup_pix.asp?back=blue
Jason in Las Vegas, NV December 23, 2009
"This is a great humidor"
I like humidors.
test in Candyland May 7, 2009