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Xikar Crystal Humidifier 100 Cigar Round Reviews [view details]

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"Built to last"
Well made with three different mount options. They don t wimp out on the magnetic option. I prefer just laying mine flat in the case. Which you can do by easily removing the other two options. I check mine every four days, which allows me to decide to add distilled water or wait a bit. The design makes it easy to see how the water crystals look and the top of the case makes adding water very easy due to it s random different sized holes on top. This is a great non-electric 100 round Humidifier.
Pottsc in Idaho March 1, 2014
"Trouble free premium humidity"
This is my favorite humidifier. Always use the propylene glycol solution and it will keep your cigars fresh and free of mold/mildew for months before a refill if you have a quality humidor. This keeps the humidor at a consistent ~75% RH. It is filled with dry crystals that expand and turn into a solid gel when filled with solution. Never use tap water ever. A+ product! Xikar is the best!
Frank in KS March 23, 2013
The crystals may have stayed moist for 3 weeks, then dried out. When you shook the container, it sounded like a baby rattle due to the dry crystals. Made an attempt to restore the crystals in a moist condition, but they would only stay this way for a few days. Maybe I received a bad one, but I'm not willing to loose more money by trying this one again. In my 300 count I have a electronic humidfier, with a couple of fans. I wish they would make these for smaller humidors.
Will in USA June 13, 2012
"EXCELLENT! No worries for 2 weeks at a time."
Keeps the humidor as stated...70%. Excellent and cheaper substitute for the powered humidifiers. If only everything else would work as easily and well as this.
Henry in Oak Forest September 9, 2008