Xikar Crystal Humidifier 100 Cigar Round

Maintains 70% RH 100 Cigars

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Maintains 70% RH 100 Cigars
The XiKAR Crystal 100 humidifier has a special polymer gel that absorbs up to 450 times its weight in fluid. Plus it maintains a perfect 70% humidity. That means better cigar humidification and less work for you. A word of caution, though: USE ONLY XiKAR's own PG solution, or plain distilled water.
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"Built to last "
Well made with three different mount options. They don t wimp out on the magneti... more
Pottsc in Idaho
"Trouble free premium humidity "
This is my favorite humidifier. Always use the propylene glycol solution and it... more
Frank in KS
The crystals may have stayed moist for 3 weeks, then dried out. When you shook t... more
Will in USA
"EXCELLENT! No worries for 2 weeks at a time. "
Keeps the humidor as stated...70%. Excellent and cheaper substitute for the powe... more
Henry in Oak Forest
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