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Xikar Crystal Humidifier 250 Rectangular Reviews [view details]

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"This thing is magic!"
Added distilled water and the little rocks turned into a gel brick. No more baby sitting sponges. Awesome!
Jason in Round Rock Tx March 5, 2011
"Soft, fresh and no cigar bloom"
Great product, no more watering every few days. Consistant humidity level, no more drip, and water logged stogies. A must for all humidors !!
Joe C in LI, New York October 29, 2010
"Excellent adhesion to humidor top, works w/no drip"
Very nice, but a bit expensive. Use this stuff if you have expensive cigars that need consistantcy.
John H. in Chicago May 2, 2009
"Look No Further"
My humidor has about 150 cigars. (19x13x10) I purchased 2 xikar crystal 250s. The house humidity is hovering at about 30% with the furnace constantly running. I layed two of these humidifiers on top of the cigars (Didn't attach them to lid). I tried but the adhesive that came with product is not strong enough to hold them on the lid. They kept falling. Humidity Levels were 75 to 80%. I took one out and now readings are 69 to 70%. My two hygrometers (one on top and one reading floor of humidor are right on the money. Just using distilled water. The construction of these humidifiers are excellent.
James in Cranberry Twp., PA December 7, 2008
"Buh-bye sponge"
Put one of these in my humidor and it works great keeping it right at 70%. So far distilled water is all i've used and it does the job nicely. No need for the special stuff which is probably just distilled water anyway.
Scalper44 in Northern Michigan April 3, 2008