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Xikar Crystal Humidifier 250 Rectangular Reviews [view details]

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"Works For Awhile"
Used with Xicar proprietary solution, these humidifiers work just fine ? for a little over a year. Then the humidity levels slowly drop off, and Xicar tells you it s time to replace them. Instead of spending the $$ on these, you d be better off with Boveda packs or simple beads and distilled water.
Larbo in Central, IL November 27, 2013
"Use Xikar solution"
Do NOT use water or regular PG solution, use Xikar brand fluid only. I ve had these in the past and used PG and it didn t absorb properly. I use only Xikar solution and they work flawlessly.
Greg in PA November 24, 2013
"Do not use water"
Do NOT use water in this unit. I use Xikar's solution and have yet to have any sort of issues at all. Works beautifully.
Greg in PA October 9, 2013
"Great if you follow directions"
These work great if you use them correctly. DO NOT use distilled water or tap water. Only use a PG solution, perferrably Xikar. If you use the PG solution you will never have mold. These maintain humidity very well, but need to be replaced every few years. 5-star product.
Frank in Overland Park, KS October 5, 2013
"Great for a while"
I have had three of these and each time they grew mold on them. They work great for a few months but after that each one has molded on me. I have given up on them. Overall a great product I would give it a 3/5 since it does regulate the humidity very well. But the molding issue is a deal breaker for me.
Pat in May 16, 2013
"not happy with it"
not sure if it's my fault or what, but it grew mold on me within days of getting it. rather than having it replaced like i should have, i immediately tossed it bc i didn't want to have the mold anywhere near my cigars. only used distilled water obviously, and it still happened. clearly i'm not happy with the product.
K in NYC February 13, 2013
"Worry Free Humidifier"
I have 1 of these for my large travel humidor (150 cigars) and it is working great. After filling, it took about 20 minutes to jell-up. I check it often and it's keeping my level between 72-75%. Per the directions, DO NOT USE only distilled water. The crystals are specifically designed for use with the solution, not water.
Tom in Bagram, Afghanistan December 29, 2012
"Great Product"
Absorbs lots of solution and Fast and doesn't leak like another brand i tried.This is the only brand i'ii ever use.Hands down the BEST.
Joe in Freehold N.J. December 13, 2012
"Top of the line, none better!"
I have tried quite a few different brands, and none can touch Xikar! you want the best? Xikar by far is the best! it hasn't failed me yet. perfect humidification with no problems what so ever!
Mike in Dowagiac February 11, 2012
"Works Perfectly!"
Definitely works great. I wouldn't suggest this for a 100-count humidor, however. My humidity was too high with it in. (But maybe I filled it with too much distilled water.) Anyway, this humidifier does what it claims. Just have a larger humidor.
Michael in Winston-Salem, NC July 8, 2011