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Xikar Crystal Humidifier Round Reviews [view details]

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"Works Great!"
I have one in my small humidor and it holds a perfect 70/70 all the time. Highly recommend!
Anthony in California May 29, 2013
"Works if you follow enclosed directions"
Please correct your description of this product. The enclosed package insert clearly state that you must use Xikar PG solution with their humidification units in order to maintain RH of 70%; NOT plain distilled water. Here is an excerpt from Xikar’s web site; “XIKAR’s Propylene Glycol (PG Solution) maintains 70% RH. Distilled water evaporates quickly and creates humidification fluctuations. XIKAR's proprietary mix of PG Solution is calculated to match the water absorption rate with the rate at which PG biodegrades, resulting in a humidor that will not over saturate with PG. Always maintain 70% RH for the best results.” If you just add distilled water, the crystals will add moisture to your humidor as they dry and then absorb moisture from the air as they dry out. The PG solution is the key. Use the correct size recommended for the size of your humidor (50, 100, 250), not the number of cigars you actually have in your humidor. This unit is for a small humidor. I have several humidors of varying sizes which I access 1-2 times a week and they maintain RH of 66-68% per a digital hygrometer.
C in Perkiomenville February 21, 2013
"Worry Free Humidifier"
I have 2 of these for my travel humidors and they are working great. I filled each one and it took about 20 minutes for the crystals to soak up the solution. I check them often and they are keeping my level between 72-75%. Per the directions, DO NOT USE only distilled water. The crystals are specifically designed for use with the solution, not water.
Tom in Bagram, Afghanistan December 29, 2012
"Performs well"
Have 3-4 of these in medium and large sizes; use in my wooden humidors, and use the Xikar and/or distilled water solution. Keep a weekly log of data but I'm not a fanatic or nerd about it. First one I bought I tested with calibrated hygrometer in a sealed ziplock after filling. Consistent and reliable. No leaking on these as the bottom is sealed, unlike Credo or no-name models. Can use either horizontal or vertical mount. Sorry, you can't just fill and forget; crystals swell and maintain 70% RH well for a week or so if minimal openings. No way it 'dehumidifies' as others claim. Have they checked the air seals on their humidors? Isolate the variables guys! I am happy with these and have the data to prove it.
Gregory in Francestown, NH June 3, 2012
"Works for me"
I am using the Xikar humidifer in two humidors, one for 100 cigars (with about 30 cigars in it, and another small humidor with 20 or less, that I move cigars to that I will smoke soon. Both have stabilized at RH of 69 and 68, respectively. (The digital hygrometer I use [also Xikar] has a +/-2 tolerance.) Xikar warns that you should use their solution, undiluted. I do.
Tony in Greenbelt, MD May 15, 2012
Complete Garbage. Pain in the butt to fill and a complete waste of money.
the dude in CA in CA April 2, 2012
"not recommended"
i agree with mark s.c.i used distilled water and i noticed my humidity level dropping all the time
vin in brooklyn February 22, 2012
"will not recommend"
this acts more like a dehumidifier. I used distilled water ONLY. This is not working!
mark in SC February 20, 2012