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Picked up two sticks for my 25 to 50 ct humidor and fixed my humidity problems
Ken in Vail January 25, 2014
"Great for a travel humidor"
This makes it very easy to regulate the humidity in a small or travel humidor without dealing with the mess/bulk of gel or soaking foam pads/sponges. Just add some distilled water to the fill line, put the cap on & it's ready. I'm not sure how long these will last but I've read several reviews on other sites stating if you don't ever let it go completely dry before refilling it could last as long as ten years! I still use an ordinary sponge cartridge type humidifier in my main humidor but this stays in the box as well until I need it for my travel case & hasn't disturbed my levels at all.
in PA, US August 4, 2011
"Friend of the large humidor"
Beautiful addition to the bottom level of your large tray top humidor. Give you the extra piece of mind for the lower deck. I keep two below and two Xixar bricks above. The comments on my stogie care/condition are outstanding.
Joe C. in LI, New York October 29, 2010
"Saved my cigars"
The home heating system humidifier went on the fritz leaving the house at 10%. I bought a stick humidifier for each of my humi's. They got my humidity back up to 70% saving over 80 very good cigars. I just put them on top of the cigars and they save me alot of worry. They make great travel humidifiers since they are the shape of a toro one can be put in a multi stick case or a sealed bag with the cigars. I recommend them as a must have for anyone as part of their cigar support accessories.
Earl Morse in New England April 3, 2009