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Xikar Enigma Double Jet Butane Black Lighter Reviews [view details]

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"Warranty for life."
Good lighter, got the cigar light fast and even. Haven't had it for long, but it got my Nub light quick and even. Very nice. Plus, Xikar warranty's this product for life so that's always a plus. Any company who puts that much faith in their product does right by me.
Ben in February 29, 2012
"This lighter is a piece of junk!"
This lighter worked ok for about a month, then just quit. Don't waste your money!!!
John R in Lockport, NY November 23, 2011
"You have a lighter for life!"
This is a very nice lighter! Unfortunately after 3 months, the electronic spark died on it. THEY HAVE A LIFETIME WARRANTY PEOPLE!!! I sent it in, and they sent me a new one! You can't beat that! NO QUESTIONS ASKED! You will love this lighter and rest assured, you will have this for life!
Bill R in Spring, TX August 6, 2011
"Awesome product!!"
I recently purchased this lighter from these guys. It's fantastic- never had a problem (knock on wood). I am very happy with the Xikar product line across the board. Don't buy the 20 dollar nibos, do it right and buy one of these or their triple flame - you'll be happy you did.
Aaron in Little Neck, NY September 26, 2010
"Great lighter for the money"
This is a great lighter works great every time. If you are a women or smoke cigars with your wife or girlfriend this is the way to go. The thumb ignition is the best for women with fingernails.
Dee in Dallas June 3, 2009
"Nice Lighter"
Spend the extra $15 or $20 to get a lighter that works all the time-does eat fuel though...8 or 9 cigars between refills
Steve in Denver Colorado December 20, 2008