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Xikar Escalade Double Black Reviews [view details]

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"Keep a flint and tinder on you"
My first lighter was a cheap plastic no name deal with some spray chrome on it. That lighter still works.. I've had two of these, the first one quit on me within a week so I brought it back to my tobacconist who gave me another one. That one lasted 3 months and all the paint had chipped off of it before it stopped working entirely. The most rigorous use these things had was riding in my pocket. Lifetime warranty Schmifetime warranty. Trashcan.
Ryan in Virginia November 24, 2012
IF it lights, it's not bad. I had mine less than a week before it got really bad. They are very inconsistent at their best. It lit about once for every 8 or 9 tries for the first fill. Then it just wouldn't light. returned for service. 2 weeks later, it lit for on fill and quit again. If you want a good lighter, keep looking. And let me know when you find one.
in October 14, 2011