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Xikar Executive II Red Reviews [view details]

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"Made in China"
Picked one up on CA for $19, it leaked butane so bad you could hear it. Famous was great about returning it, got a replacement, same model, same problem, Famous gave me a refund. This thing is built super CHEAP, I'll stick to zippo and colibri in the future.
Eric in November 20, 2012
"Piece of ****"
Was REALLY disappointed w/ this -- leaks butane like crazy and won't stay lit when you fill it -- DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!
Devon in Oregon May 17, 2012
"Very disappointed with my Xikar Executive lighter."
Lighter won't stay lit, and goes out if you look at it cross-eyed or breathe near it. I've contacted Xikar and will be interested in how they respond. Maybe this lighter has a defect that can be repaired; we'll see.
Neil in Detroit July 27, 2008