Xikar Executive II Red Cigar Lighter: Single Flame Red

Red Lighter
Single Flame Red

$33.99Retail Price: $ 39.99
Silver Lighter
Silver Single Flame

$33.99Retail Price: $ 39.99
Click to Enlarge - [LG-XIK-502RD]
XiKAR Executive cigar lighters offer you high quality, functionality, power and sophisticated good looks. The trigger is located on the side, and simultaneously opens the lid. An oversized adjustment wheel ensures an accurate torch flame. A good buy with a great guarantee. Order yours now.
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"Made in China "
Picked one up on CA for $19, it leaked butane so bad you could hear it. Famous ... more
"Piece of **** "
Was REALLY disappointed w/ this -- leaks butane like crazy and won't stay lit wh... more
Devon in Oregon
"Very disappointed with my Xikar Executive lighter."
Lighter won't stay lit, and goes out if you look at it cross-eyed or breathe nea... more
Neil in Detroit
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