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Xikar HC Series Connecticut Shade Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"very good smoke"
I also got this cigar in a sampler and left it in a humidor for a couple of weeks. Mine was a good-looking stick with a great, mild tobacco and spice aroma. It lit and burned well, perfect ash, good draw with plenty of tasty, med-strength smoke. I tasted mild leather and spice, which I like, and a subtle sweetness in the finish. The ash held until I knocked it off at the end of the 1st third, again at the end of the 2nd third and again at the band. Flavor was consistent throughout, increasing slightly in the last 3rd. I smoked it to a nub and would buy more. I'd rate it @88, a very good $5 cigar, nice afternoon smoke and I'd happily pay @ $20 for a 5er, but not too much more.
Steven in NC, USA October 8, 2013
I purchased a sampler since I have been so happy with other Xikar products. Let the cigars sit for three weeks in a humidor before trying the Connecticut. Poor construction, wrapper unraveled, spots and not much in terms of a distinctive flavor.Given the price I am still scratching my head as to why bother
Regis in Long Island December 25, 2012
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