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Xikar PuroTemp Remote Hygrometer Sensor

$35.99 $39.99
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about Xikar PuroTemp Remote Hygrometer Sensor

Xikar PuroTemp Remote Hygrometer Sensor

Working with XiKAR's PuroTemp Wireless Hygrometer System base unit, this XiKAR remote hygrometer sensor that monitors the temperature and humidity level in your cigar humidor from a distance with amazing digital accuracy. Think outside the box and lose the stress by adding it to your cart now.

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for Xikar PuroTemp Remote Hygrometer Sensor
by in Middletown, CT on May 19, 2014

Starting at the beginning ? I had previously purchased from Amazon an ?Ambient Weather WS-05-X3-KIT? with Three Remote Sensors for the great price of around $30.00. Though that unit seems to work great for indoor / outdoor temperature and humidity, it just never seemed to agree with any of my analog or digital hydrometers in any of my humidors. As a result, I was very hesitant to purchase the Xikar ?PuroTemp unit at its significantly higher price but went ahead and tried it anyway. The unit comes with one remote sensor and is lavishly packed in Xikar?s typical fashion. The setup was fast and easy and the remote has a nice little switch to set the channel unlike my existing unit which is a pain in the arse to set. I placed the single remote in my largest humidor with a calibrated analog and a calibrated digital hydrometer in the same area. The next morning I found that the readings were dead nuts on! As a result, I have just ordered 2 more remote sensors for use in 2 more humidors and am looking forward to receiving them. I really like the fact that I can set the alarms separately for each remote as I do not want my daily use box to set off the alarm when I have my poker buddies over and the box is often open long enough to change the reading. I have only 2 complaints: The remotes are a little larger than I would like to have them as I do have on small humidor which is hard to get a position that will not interfere with closing the top and the sensors do take a longish time to settle down after opening and closing the humidor for loading up with new cigars. Other than that, I will give it a ?2 thumbs up?! I use slightly different fingers to rate my previous unit! I may update this review after I see how long the battery life is as I have had issues with short battery life on my stand-alone digital devices in the past. As an aside, I have the remote in my Basement office and the receiver on the second floor and have no problems.

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