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Xikar Rectangular Hygrometer Reviews [view details]

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"They are Right-Junk"
Before ordering I read the reviews and, having the older model which is great, thought, Oh, maybe just a couple of defective ones and ordered it anyway, trusting Xikar. They were right. It s JUNK. Came out of the box reading 35% so I was immediately skeptical and put it - together with the older one - to the salt test. It got all the way up to 45% the old style reading correctly 75% . DO NOT BUY THESE.
DennisW in Los Angeles, CA November 26, 2014
"Junk Not Accurate"
I have tried 2 of these new and approved puro temp to replace my analog that came with my new humidor. I know my analog is accurate but wanted a digital hygrometer because they are supposed to be more accurate. I also use Xikar crystals to maintain 70% but neither one gave me a reading above 62%. Even did a salt test to make sure but both failed to reach the 75%. Not getting another one!
Mark in Alabama August 17, 2014
"Works for Me"
My old hygrometer was showing around 68% and my sticks were drying out even after recalibrating with the salt test. So I bought this Xikar. Works like a charm. Automatically calibrates itself, the numbers are easy to read. I have only had it for 4 days, but finally I have the humidity in my humi where it should be and my sticks are stabilized. I cannot speak to the longevity as yet, but I am highly satisfied with it as of now. I would recommend it.
Mr Pete Simon in Pekin, Illinois February 14, 2014
"Design changed! Junk now."
Do not buy this hygrometer! It can no longer be adjusted like the previous model. After sitting in a Boveda 74% calibration kit for the last 24 hours it has not gone over 60%. Will be returning ASAP.
Brad in January 4, 2014
"Piece of Junk"
Calibrated item for 48 hours with a Boveda 72% pack. Two different brand hygrometers hit the 72% dead on. The Xikar never made it past 67%. I'm returning this item.
in January 3, 2014
These are very accurate and reliable hygrometers. I ve had one for several years in my main humidor and now have 2 additional humidors I am using them in. Xikar is quality.
Frank in Overland Park December 14, 2013
"No calibration button!"
There is no calibration button! I believe Xikar changed the design, as it says this on their website: "No calibration needed, guaranteed accuracy of +/- 2% RH right out of the box" That being said, it IS accurate right out of the box, but I'm worried if it still will be in a year or two. Also, Famous needs to change the description, as to not mislead people.
Rich in Indiana October 10, 2013
"Where's the calibration button?"
Salt test out the gate is at 72%, not bad, but would like to calibrate it...every review says they just hit calibration button...where are you all finding said calibration button? I see a min/max and f/c. Seems to be nice hygrometer, but would like to be able to calibrate it. Description says adjustable cal so I'm hoping its a simple oversight on my part and not change in design.
Matthew in Auburn NY October 4, 2013
"Best hygro Famous sells"
Extremely accurate, lifetime warranty, easy to calibrate and has features that other hygros don't have. Don't even think twice, get it.
Greg in PA April 16, 2013
"Great Product"
def worth spending the money on this hygrometer. other than the diamond crown hygro, this is the best one i've ever used. simple to calibrate-either use the salt test or boveda calibration kit and just click on calibrate when the time's up if the hygro isn't already reading 75%. fantastic and easy to use, cheaper than the DC. def worth the money than buying something like the caliber iii or iv, which can't be calibrated at all.
K in NYC February 13, 2013