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Xikar Round Digital Hygrometer Reviews [view details]

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"Absolute junk"
Definitely, not worth the money. The temp gauge does not toggle between C/F, and not very accurate or adjustable. I have purchased 4 other different hygrometers, so do you have a point of reference for this negative review.
Don in VA November 18, 2013
"No longer calibratable"
I got this item to replace my analog in my desk top box. This unit no longer has a calibrate button but now has an Auto Calibrate function. Total garbage. right out of the box it wouldnt calibrate, tried several times for 3 weeks, no luck. Tried a new battery, and still no luck. Xikar please go back to a regular calibrate. This is Dissapointing from a company like you.
A.j. in wsmr November 5, 2013
"Good Hygromter"
I have two of these and have had no issues what so ever. Easy to calibrate and accurate readings in the humidors. Worth a purchase.
Anthony in California May 25, 2013
"accurate hygrometer"
upgrade my old analog hygro for this digital version.I have to say that I am very pleased so far.easy to calibrate and reading accurately.and it is backed up for life by Xikar.
Paul in Upstate NY January 13, 2013
judging from the timeline your units have failed, i would say you need to replace the batteries. =D
John in Toledo,Ohio March 17, 2012
'lasted 18 month's" so what cost me $4.50 postage to get a free replacement,can't complain at that.
steamer in calgary March 11, 2012
"Failed within 15 months"
Received this with a humidor I purchased. It lasted 15 months. I checked the battery (it looks like it leaked... greenish corrosion). I cleaned the battery area and replaced the battery... still doesn't work. Not impressed.
Rich in New York January 22, 2012
"The Best"
I dont know what happened to other people but Xikar makes the best hygrometer in the market. Its reliable & accurate. All you have to do is calibrate the device and if it dont work correctly return it, xikar has a lifetime guarantee. Its all I buy.
Alex in Jersey City, NJ December 14, 2011
This is a nice hygrometer. Small, accurate, and easy to calibrate.
Big Moose in Lawrenceville, IL. September 19, 2011
"Both Failed"
I purchased two of these and both failed to work properly within 60 days. Famous said they would gladly replace them if I would return the items. But why bother, I would be receiving the same quality I was returning. Be wise......save your money!
John in So. Cal. March 23, 2011