Xikar Trezo Triple Flame Black Cigar Lighter: Triple Flame Black

Triple Flame Black

$89.99 Retail Price: $ 99.99
Chrome Lighter
Triple Flame Chrome Silver

$89.99 Retail Price: $ 99.99
Gold Lighter
Triple Flame Gold

$89.99 Retail Price: $ 99.99
Black Chrome Gold
XiKAR's Trezo lighter is the first and only in-line triple jet flame lighter available today. Its unique design places two outer jet flames at an 8 degree angle inwards, concentrating the heat source at the perfect point above the flames. It provides a good, clean light under any circumstances.
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"Xikar lighters "
I own 5 Xikar lighters and 4 of them died within 6 months, to include this model ...  more
nodakf150 in Texas
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