Xikar Xi2 Fiberglass Granite Cutter: Fiberglass Granite (Grey)

Gray Cigar Cutter
Fiberglass Granite (Grey)

$40.99Retail Price: $ 44.99
Blue Cigar Cutter
Fiberglass Lapis (Blue)

$40.99Retail Price: $ 44.99
Black Cigar Cutter
Fiberglass Noir (Black)

$40.99Retail Price: $ 44.99
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The XiKAR Xi2 cutter gives you the finest cigar cuts with power, efficiency, and ease. All XiKARs feature one-button, double blade action and the tear-drop shape provides maximum grip strength, while the surgical-sharp blades assure thousands of perfect, effortless cuts up to a 56 ring. GUARANTEED!
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"Great Cutter "
This is a great cutter. Cut through the cigar very neatly. Very easy to use bec... more
SD in Long Island
"Excellent Cutter "
this is a great cutter. Pricey, but considering the lifetime warranty, can't be ... more
Christian in Colorado
"Nice solid cutter "
NIce solid cutter, sharp and well made-provides a nice clean cut on the cigar
glenn in Plainville, CT
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