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"Well...When it works."
My wife got me a zippo for christmas last year, not knowing a torch was what I wanted. So not to shun the gift I bought the insert. Fit is fine on mine, had some issues filling and some periodic firing issues. It doesn't like firing when it's cold and sometime you're ten to fifteen clicks to ignition. Then last week, nothing. No more click. Not overly impressed for one year of ussage irrelevent of price. When I want a cigar I want a cigar, not nintendo thumb olympics.
Jamie in White City, OreGUN January 15, 2009
"Insert won't fit?"
Since my last post I have acquired a Zippo c1950 model with a BFC logo (BETTER FINISHES & COATINGS,INC. NEWARK, N.J.). Z Plus Insert fits in identically the same way as in my 2006 Zippo. Jack of Boston may have a one off model that is smaller than standard. Cheers
Peter in Queensland Australia November 22, 2008
"Ignighter failure"
After about 3 months, the ignighter failed - no way to fix it. Is there any kind of a warranty?
Jack in Ohio September 11, 2008
"Doesn't work at all"
This stupid thing doesn't even work brand new out of the package. You click, click, click and it never lights the flame. After several tries adjusting the output I could finally get it to light one in ten times, but it would go right out and then the butane would keep leaking for a bit after. If this sold for $1 it wouldn't be worth it.
Mark in Salt Lake City, September 10, 2008
"doesn't fit my zippo"
I wanted to use the z-plus in my old zippo and it is too tight of a fit. It does fit a newer zippo. Any ideas???
Jack in Boston August 22, 2008
"Overcome Z insert loose fit"
Since I posted my review I have overcome the loose fit of my Z lighter insert in the Zippo body. Like many things in life the solution is incredibly simple. I wrapped about 2 inches of transparent office tape (we call it "sellotape" in Australia) around the butane reservoir section. Hey Presto! As snug a fit as the original fluid insert.
Peter in Queensland Australia July 12, 2008
"Best $10 butane lighter on the market"
Fed up with underperforming butane lighters, both cheap and expensive models. So bought 2 inserts from Famous-Smoke. Bought cheapest Zippo locally (F 06 model), threw away fluid insert, filled butane insert, and proceeded to use when lighting my daily cigar. Been using it for about 8 months or so with no drama. Expel air before each refill. Still using first insert! Only criticism is the loose fit of insert in Zippo body. But that is only an aesthetic issue. Works great, and highly recommended by this cigar smoker. Cheers.
Peter in Queensland Australia June 14, 2008
"You get what you pay for"
This is the cheapest thing on this site, and it proved it with in a couple of days after I received it. The thing just stopped working. I should of known something was up, with the $ 10.00 price tag. You know that old saying you get what you pay for? Well it really rang true this time. Don’t waste your time. Spend a few extra dollars and get a lighter that’s worth while. Leave this alone.
Jake in Chicago March 13, 2008