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"Works great"
I put one of these in an old Zippo about 2 years ago and it still works great.
Pat in Anaheim, CA May 21, 2013
"Dont bother getting"
I got 2 of these & both didn't want to light. I used Vector brand butane (5x filtered.) A BIC lighter is cheaper, & works better then this junky lighter. I returned them & got The Thunderbird insert. The Thunderbird insert lights up every time. Iv been told Z-Plus lighters work better with Ronson brand butane. But cheap butane can clog up the lighter.
in January 24, 2013
"Very good works great,last long ,fills easy"
Very good works great,last long ,fills easy
wayne in Buffalo February 9, 2010
Just junk. Bought two of these, one never did work, the other worked poorly for a week then not at all. Not worth the UPS charges to return them.
L-dog in lake tahoe October 4, 2009
"Great value, solid performer"
I've had mine for 9 months, just bought another one for a second Zippo I own. No issues, both work great, and easy to tell when you're running low on butane (the flame gets slightly smaller, so you don't end up empty when you need a light). I know a few other guys have occasionally had issues with theirs, but for $10, it's WAY cheaper than any other lighter on market, plus it's a Zippo! Hard to go wrong.
Kedge in Houston October 4, 2009
"Great way to make your favorite Zippo even better!"
This insert is a must have for the cigar smoker who hates to give up their favorite liquid fuel lighter for a butane torch lighter. For under $10, you get the bet of both worlds! Pluss the flame is adjustable!!!! I give it five stars!
Sean in Semmes, Alabama September 9, 2009
Just bought one of these things thinking it was too good to be true.. well it was. The ignition system never sparked in its life, it never lit for me not even once, fits well and expells gas but just refuses to make a spark when i try to ignite.
Wade in Sydney June 3, 2009
"Liked it!"
I just got this product and I like it very much - it's great to use my old Zippo again! The problem is that it doesn't come with any instructions. Here are some tips: 1) Put some lithium grease on it. It fits VERY tightly into the lighter case and unless you put some lubricant on it you'll never get it out again. I had to wrap a bit of bicycle tire around it and gently use a pliers to pull it out after I got it into the case the first time. 2) It has a huge tank, so it takes at least 30 seconds of firm pressure from your butane refill to fill it all the way up, maybe more. 3) When full, the butane blasts out when you light it, instantly extinguishing the flame. Adjust the flame using the pointer on the bottom of the case before you put it into the lighter - turn it to its lowest setting. Other than these little quirks, I haven't had any problem with it and it works well. I wonder why Zippo doesn't make something like this.
Burt in New Jersey March 5, 2009
"Wish it was better engineered to last!"
I am on my second one of these and it now stopped working. The first one ended up breaking after a long life....the ignition system totally broke. When you pressed down the actuator it did nothing. At $10 I didn't feel bad replacing it. Now, my second one stopped working...when you depress the actuator it clicks but doesn't produce a spark. This one really hasn't gotten that much use so I'm rather disappointed. Also, my second one had a poor fit. I wrapped some tape around it and that solved the problem. I am reluctant to purchase a new one if I am going to need to replace it again in a few months. If only they could better engineer them or warranty them. I would pay more if they provided a better warranty!
J. Darby in Altamont, NY February 19, 2009
"Had mine for about two years now and stil works"
I've had on of these for about two years now, and haven't had any trouble with it. The only thing I DO have a problem with is that that the tank isn't very big so have to refill more often than other butanes that I've owned in the past. I paid alot more for mine, too. Got it local and it costed $14 two years ago, your price is a heckuva lot better, wish I'd known about your site back then!
Ben Q in The Dalles, OR January 24, 2009