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Zino Reviews

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Zino Relax Sumatra
"Zino Cigars"
Great smoking cigars both Classic & Relax - Sumatra & Brasil dependable quality, draw, taste great price. Better than a lot of higher priced cigars I have tried.
An anonymous smoker June 27, 2014
Zino Relax Sumatra
"Nice flavor, easy draw, good burn dependable quali"
Nice cigar - I like smaller ring size. very smooth easy draw, good construction dependable quality.
An anonymous smoker June 27, 2014 October 26, 2012
Zino Grand Classic Brasil
"My favorite cigar"
This has always been one of my favorites.
Mark in Michigan June 21, 2011
Zino Grand Classic Brasil
"$2 per stick treat"
I normally would not try a cigar at less than 48 gauge, but I am glad I did. The wrapper reminded me more of a sweet maduro, and the aromatic quality was a treat. I liked the sealed packaging too, but did not care for the v-cut. I bought mine on auction for about $2 a stick which I now consider a great buy.
Bill Johnson in Arkansas July 23, 2006
Zino Relax Brasil
A cigar for anyone who normally doesn't smoke cigars, or only smokes occasionally. Very mild yet flavorful. Always fresh because of the humidor wrapper--again, good for those who only smoke cigars occasionally. Better tasting than the Sumatra version, Zino Relax Brasil is to other cigars as Sobranie Black Russians are to other cigarettes.
Steve Franklin in Baltimore December 13, 2003
Zino Grand Classic Sumatra
OK. So they are machine-made and come with a V-cut. They taste good, quality is good, aroma is likeable, burn is consistent. The price is GREAT. So, buy them. They may not be FUENTE-STYLE but at this price: who cares? They are good averyday smokes and can be handed out to friends.
Alfonso Gómez in San Juan, PR June 27, 2000
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