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"25 years of excellence"
Mine is like new. They were made in Germany at that time, but now being Swiss, I can t imagine they have changed in the least. Perfect cutter for $40. I payed $80 then from Thompson. It was worth it.
scott in shingl spring, ca June 28, 2014
I haven't purchased this, but I'm frankly sick of overpriced basic accessories. $39? Aren't all cutters double bladed? And how does any blade self-sharpen? This is like putting a Ferrari pony on a Kia and charging $150k for it. C'mon Guys...
Steve in Massachusetts July 26, 2013
"Excellent cutter, need a larger ring gage."
Need a larger ring gage,maybe a 60.
Norton in Woodbridge, Ct. September 11, 2012
"Still kicking."
Just found mine, missing after 5 years, still works great. I have had mine since 1991.
Andrew Liss in RI July 27, 2011
"Good cutter, but expensive"
Purchased this cutter several years ago at a Davidus store. It still works well, but I've switched to the Xikar MTX. It has the scissor cutter, punch, and can safely be carried in your pocket with keys. The darn thing doesn't show any scratches after being carried for months with my keys! Xikar does it right.
Ray in Maryland April 3, 2010
"I've had this cutter since 1993"
I purchased this cutter in 1993 when Famous was still in NYC. It's still going strong after all these years making perfect cuts. If you want something that should last a lifetime I would recomend the Zino cutter. This cutter works fine up to a 52 ring gauge but can't say after that.
Steve in Clearfield,Pa. February 6, 2009