Zino Davidoff Cigar Cutter: Black - Double Blade

Black Cigar Cutter
Black - Double Blade

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Named for the man who designed it, here is the 'classic' Zino Davidoff double-blade cigar cutter. Using precision Swiss craftsmanship, the self-sharpening stainless steel blades will cut hundreds of cigars up to a 52 ring. A worthy investment that will provide years of reliable use. Get yours now!
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"25 years of excellence "
Mine is like new. They were made in Germany at that time, but now being Swiss, I... more
scott in shingl spring, ca
"What? "
I haven't purchased this, but I'm frankly sick of overpriced basic accessories. ... more
Steve in Massachusetts
"Excellent cutter, need a larger ring gage. "
Need a larger ring gage,maybe a 60.
Norton in Woodbridge, Ct.
"Still kicking. "
Just found mine, missing after 5 years, still works great. I have had mine since... more
Andrew Liss in RI
"Good cutter, but expensive "
Purchased this cutter several years ago at a Davidus store. It still works well... more
Ray in Maryland
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