Zino Platinum Jet Flame Blue Lighter: Single Flame Torch Blue

Single Flame Torch Blue

$151.99 Retail Price: $ 160.00
Black Lighter
Single Flame Torch Black

$151.99 Retail Price: $ 160.00
Burgundy Lighter
Single Flame Torch Claret

$151.99 Retail Price: $ 160.00
Gray Lighter
Single Flame Torch Grey

$151.99 Retail Price: $ 160.00
Blue Black Burgundy Gray
Zino Platinum Scepter cigars come in a variety of unique shapes and sizes inspired by the urban, pop-culture spirit. Blended with 3 Dominican filler tobaccos, a rare Peruvian filler leaf, a 4-year-aged Connecticut binder and a 1-year-aged Ecuadorian wrapper, the cigars are deftly handcrafted to impart every nuance of these fine tobaccos. Offered in cans, tubos and 3-packs, Zino Platinum Scepter cigars have a rich, well-balanced flavor that will satisfy cigar aficionados at every level.
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