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Zino Platinum Scepter Chubby Reviews [view details]

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"Good cigar, but..."
The figurado is my favorite cigar shape and I've been making a point of trying the good brands out there. This chubby is definitely one of them for a medium strength, tasty smoke. But I have to say the smoke is not worth the price. A better medium bodied, fair priced smoke is the Avo Domaine 20 and 50. Followed by the Davidoff Perfecto and the The Griffin's Perfecto. I'm no spokesman for Davidoff, but I don't know why anyone would buy the more expensive cigars from Davidoff when the Avo is perfect for a medium smoke and the Griffin is a delicious albeit milder experience. I do love the Davidoff perfectos but won't but too many of them for obvious reasons. This chubby is a good cigar but not a worthy substitute for any of the aforementioned smokes.
Don in Brooklyn November 15, 2013
"Pleasently suprised!"
Great Cigar, burns well, draw is near perfect. Smoke is creamy, thick and tastey...
Ryan in New Jersey June 11, 2010
"Good, but worth the price???"
Very nice cigar, nice shape, excellent draw, wonderfully blended, and a great flavor. I don't know about the price, I'd stick with a Romeo Reserve Maduro at half the price.
coollou in Vacaville, CA. January 31, 2005
"Not a bad cigar"
The burn was great on this cigar. I wish they were not so expensive. I would buy more because for a short cigar they burned nice. Usually the taste is effected when the cigar burns close but that's not the case with this cigar. It tastes very good, nutty with a hint of spice. Cool looking shape too. Feels good in the mouth - solid construction.
Bill in Connecticut October 4, 2004
"If there's one cigar that'll make you look good..."
One word: WOW! I saw it on your catalog, but haven't ordered it (yet), tried one in Vegas, and truly it's a little known wonder. I've had other Davidoff cigars in the past, but this one, on top of tasting great, even makes you look great!!
LEOPOLDO LEAL in MC ALLEN, TX December 26, 2003
"a great cigar with only slight problems"
I just ordered a can of the chubbies, and after smoking 2 of them here is my review. First these cigars like all the Zino platinums have a very distinct taste and aroma. I found them to be medium body. The construction of all the cigars is flawless. I found the draw to be easy, but not loose like on some of the Padron cigars. My only complaint about these cigars is the occasional run in the cigars while smoking them. Most correct themselves about halfway down. Overall this is to be expected in a cigar of this shape, and only slightly takes away from the overall rating of the cigar. All in all, I'll be buying another tin shortly and recommend them to everyone seeking something a little different and a little special.
Jon in Sacramento, CA June 20, 2003
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10 Draw (89) 100
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10 Taste (87) 100
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10 Construction (95) 100
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