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Zino Platinum Z-Class 546 P Reviews [view details]

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I bought a 5 pack of these to give em a try and WOW!! They are absolutely awesome, great rich flavor beautifully made. I think I shed a tear when it was done.
MStewart in TX August 3, 2012
"Wow. What a great stick! Fantastic smoke."
Wow. What a pleasant way to spend a Friday afternoon kicking back with friends at Danville Cigar in CA and enjoying to the max a new taste, smoke and stick. The Platinum Z-class 546 P was delicious, had complexity, and it packs a full flavor punch. I?ve had difficulty getting close to other Zino Platinum due to flavor and cost ratio. The 546 P will easily become a favorite Zino Platinum cigar. This is definitely a cigar you need to try if you enjoy potent, full-bodied smokes. I intend to do the same many more times in the future.
Mark Shark in Danville CA June 5, 2011
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