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Zino Platinum Z-Class Reviews

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Zino Platinum Z-Class 546 P
I bought a 5 pack of these to give em a try and WOW!! They are absolutely awesome, great rich flavor beautifully made. I think I shed a tear when it was done.
MStewart in TX August 3, 2012
Zino Platinum Z-Class 550 R
"Worth the wait!"
It was a blast! Thought I was gonna burn my lip smoking it to the end!
Run1bmc in Easton,Pa July 22, 2011
Zino Platinum Z-Class 654 T
Very enjoyable medium to full body stick. A little touch up one time but it was a little windy outside so cannot say it was the stick. Consistent spice with a little pepper and maybe a bit of tea or coffee flavor. I would recommend it to anyone and have given a few to friends and they liked them as well.
Boomer Sooner in OK July 12, 2011
Zino Platinum Z-Class 654 T
"Not what I expected"
These cigars were good, but not the 'exceeds expectations' that the Davidoff, Zino platinum, or Zino regular cigars...then again, they dont have the price tag either. They dont have to be expensive to be good, but these smokes dont command the price tag they are carrying. Burn was not consitent, bitter at first and at the end and the roll seemed to have a chunk or something in one of them. I bought four of different sizes and have smoked three so far and am not overly impressed.
JC in Atlanta June 19, 2011
Zino Platinum Z-Class 546 P
"Wow. What a great stick! Fantastic smoke."
Wow. What a pleasant way to spend a Friday afternoon kicking back with friends at Danville Cigar in CA and enjoying to the max a new taste, smoke and stick. The Platinum Z-class 546 P was delicious, had complexity, and it packs a full flavor punch. I?ve had difficulty getting close to other Zino Platinum due to flavor and cost ratio. The 546 P will easily become a favorite Zino Platinum cigar. This is definitely a cigar you need to try if you enjoy potent, full-bodied smokes. I intend to do the same many more times in the future.
Mark Shark in Danville CA June 5, 2011
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