So... you're watching baseball.

Tonight you’re in no mood for the fast-break or the no-huddle offense. You’re choosing to watch baseball, with its blissfully slow pace. So grab a Narragansett Lager and light a Griffin’s Robusto to enjoy this game on a Ken Burns level.

griffins robusto

Griffin's Robusto

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"What's not to love about this perennial, old reliable lager? Narragansett has more flavor than other premium lagers, while being one of the most drinkable beers in the world. Matched with the complexity of the luxury-class Dominican tobaccos in the Griffin's, these tastes definitely complement each other." — Javier Neciosup / Beer Editor

Famous Smoke



Country Dominican Republic
Strength Mellow
Ring Gauge 50
Size 5"
Leaf Type Connecticut
Shape Robusto
Wrapper Color Natural
Wrapper Origin Ecuadorian
Smoke Time 1 hour

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narragansett lager
Goes well with

Narragansett Lager

Narragansett Brewing Co.

Lager is brewed with six row malt, seedless hops, corn from Iowa and the purest water from Lakes Ontario and Hemlock.

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