So... you're celebrating St. Patrick's Day, without a trace of Irish DNA.

It’s St. Paddy’s Day and everyone is Irish. You may not have any Irish blood, but you know some of the words to Danny Boy. And most of the words to Jump Around, so you’re good. Enjoy bulk amounts of O’Hara’s Irish Wheat Beer and fire up a Padron Damaso No. 15 as the pub crawl moves from O’Leary’s to O’Lunney’s. “Oh Danny Boy. You came to get down. You came to get down.”

padron damaso no15

Padron Damaso No. 15

MSRP: $16.40  |  Other Padron Cigars

"We like this pairing as the beer's aroma has strong fruit and wheat elements that tickle the nose during the pour. In its simplicity, the beer wraps itself around the Padron Damaso's crisp flavor and floral aroma as an excellent complement on the palate - especially on the aftertaste." — Jorge Vazquez / Beer Product Manager

Famous Smoke



Country Nicaragua
Strength Mellow
Ring Gauge 52
Size 6"
Leaf Type Connecticut Shade
Shape Toro
Wrapper Color Natural
Wrapper Origin Ecuadorian
Smoke Time 2 Hours

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curim gold
Goes well with

Curim Gols

O'Hara's Brewing Co

Inspired by an old Celtic word for Beer, “Curmi/Cuirim”, this delightfully refreshing wheat beer echoes the Celtic heritage of the region where it is brewed today.

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