So... you're putting up Christmas lights.

In the old days, putting up Christmas lights would take a near fortnight, because if one light was broken, the whole string was rendered useless. Today’s LED technology isn’t nearly that temperamental. But that doesn’t mean you won’t drag this chore out all night, as you sip a Kronenburg 1664 Blanc and light a Baccarat Churchill.

baccarat churchill

Baccarat Churchill

MSRP: $6.50  |  Other Baccarat Cigars

"Baccarat is a favorite of new cigar smokers because of its sweetened cap; along with its earthy flavor, this cigar goes well with the fruity flavor of the 1664 Blanc. Enjoyed together, there is a citrus flavor that lingers from both. " — Javier Neciosup / Beer Editor

Famous Smoke



Country Honduras
Strength Mellow
Ring Gauge 48
Size 7"
Leaf Type Connecticut Shade
Shape Churchill
Wrapper Color Natural
Wrapper Origin Honduran
Smoke Time 1.75 Hours

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kronenburg 1664 blanc
Goes well with

1664 Blanc


A fresh and fruity white beer. Because of its flavor and design, it embodies the elegance and taste of French in the world of wheat beers. Authentic, it is accessible and slightly fruity, revealing subtle aromas of citrus, lemon and coriander.

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