You're playing the blues piano while drinking a fine brandy.

Tonight, you will channel the spirit of Memphis Slim on the piano. This will not be a concert, it will be a séance as you raise the ghosts of the best piano players of all time. Ray Charles, Roosevelt Sykes, and Dr. John would all approve of your vocal techniques, properly lubricated by strong brandy and an Ashton Classic Churchill cigar.

ashton classic churchill

Ashton Classic Churchill

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""Drinking Courvoisier you say?" "Why yes good sir, yes I am." Smoking an Ashton to go along with it will only improve the perception that you're not only a gentleman and a scholar, but one with exceptional tastes as well. Smooth and creamy throughout the experience, the Classic Churchill by Ashton has more body than other similar cigars, allowing it to stand up to the depths of flavors that are delivered by Courvoisier."

Famous Smoke



Cigar & Spirit



Country Dominican Republic
Strength Mellow
Ring Gauge 52
Size 7 1/2"
Leaf Type Connecticut
Shape Churchill
Wrapper Color Natural
Wrapper Origin Connecticut
Smoke Time 1.75 hours

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